Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why Blog?

My BIL, Brian, has begun a family history podcast called Family History Minute. If you're not familiar with a podcast, it's similar to talk radio, but you don't have to tune in at the exact time of your favorite program, you just download it, or better yet, subscribe to it. Then every time your favorite podcast(s) come out, it will automatically download to your computer and you can listen to it whenever and however you want.

Anyway, he called me to ask me why I blogged. I explained to him this is my way of keeping a journal (his latest episode of Family History Minute promoted journaling). I explained to him that I have tried countless times to begin a journal. I've tried everything from spiral notebooks to hard-backed & bound journals with my name inscribed very nicely in gold-leafing across the front. I've tried using word processors. I've tried many different venues and I always give up. It becomes either becomes tedious, unsavory or simply forgotten on a shelf.

Using a blog, specifically this blog gave me an attractive pallette to work with; and it's not the same one everyone else is using. There are dozens of color choices, layouts, etc. This website allows me to illustrate each blog if I choose with pictures of my choice. Never would I have taken the time to grab a 4x6 picture and glued it into one of my journals.

I'm on my computer daily....and lots during that day - even if it's just checking my e-mail. I'm am reminded to keep it up. My computer doesn't get lost under a bed or left on a bookshelf to gain dust.

One other reason I love blogging is it gives me the opportunity to share my writing. Rarely did I have the occasion to share my writing with others. Never would I hand my personal journal to my friend and said, "here, check this out. I wrote something about you." It's just not done. both of us would feel uncomfortable in this scenario. This gives me a creative outlet and allows people to see it and even comment on it. Plus, the fact that I know people are reading it gives me extra motivation to keep it up. Before no one would know I hadn't made an entry for months at a time.

I LOVE IT! I'm definitely addicted. I've never been able to keep a journal up this consistently OR for this long. Thanks to my girls for inspiring me to start one. I will also say, if you aren't doing either, give something a try. Your family will thank you one day for keeping records of your life.


Natalie* said...

AMEN to everything you wrote here, girlfriend. my only fear is that they'll start charging to do this stuff - now that I'm totally addicted, I'll totally fork over the money to keep it going. are you burning your blogs onto a disk for safe-keeping?

Audra said...

Well said! I agree completely!

Anonymous said...

Wellput Mindy. I just keep thinking, why was I so resistent to the idea? I've only been blogging for a few weeks, and wonder why I waited so long to get started!

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