Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Car Troubles

Most of you know we've been looking for a house. We didn't (and still don't) think we'll be financially ready until January (meaning, we don't quite have our down payment yet).

But any idiot can recognize that now is an opportune time to buy a home. With interest rates where they are and builders desperate to sell, one just can't go wrong.

I went wrong.

On Saturday, I decided it would be funny to rear-end someone. It didn't turn out nearly as funny as I had thought. Don't try it. It may just damage your car more than the lady's you hit.

I'll back pedal for a moment so you can learn that I'm driving the older of our two cars (for which we are forever grateful to Papa & Mama Mick) because the "newer" ('96) doesn't have any A/C and hasn't for about 6 months. So Steven was chivalrous and gallantly traded cars with us (the monkeys and myself). So now we're driving the Corolla ('93) and while fitting 3 car seats in the backseat is a great workout and a wonderful way to get out aggression, we actually don't mind it too much.

But no, if that were all, this post would be boring. The tale doesn't end there. Last night at Steven's presidency meeting, his car wouldn't start. This morning after charging Steven's car battery all night (thanks to Ryan J*), his car still isn't starting. ARGH!

Are we not meant to buy a house?

Are we going to have to wait another year for a home and spend our stupid, pathetic savings on a car?

I want to throw up.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Mormon Culture

Bradley had an assignment at school that required him to name leaders - both local and national.

On the first page he listed the name of his school: Principal C*
On the second page he listed the mayor of our city: Alan M*
(both not shown for reasons of privacy)

The third is seen here.
Mr. Rick Perry is the governor of Texas.
It's hard to see but his teacher made any spelling corrections in green.

Now, it's this next page that had me giggling uncontrollably.
I don't know if you can see it very well, but Bradley knows the
President of the United States of America as:
"Brother Bush"

Do you think it's because First Lady Laura looks like a General Relief Society President or is that just a simple coincidence?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wanna Park?

Why do I search out the closest parking spot when I go to the gym?

Is something inherently wrong with me?

Don't answer that. Instead answer this:

What are you having for dinner?

I'm tired of cooking.

Can I come over?
Otherwise I'm going here.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Emmy's Version

Emmy's preschool is run by a non-denominational church. They reviewed the story of Adam & his better half and I was curious as to what Emmy took away. So when I asked her to retell it, this is what I got.

Adam and Eve through the mouth of my little Emmy Maree:

"So, there was boy named Adam and he was God's helper and Adam named all the stuff and then he got lonely so Heavenly Father gave him a friend.
Then a snake came and the snake told Melinda (you know her as Eve-not sure why there's such a discrepancy in names) that she shouldn't listen to Jesus and she should have a family and then Melinda ate the apple and told Adam to have the apple then God wasn't happy with them (are any of you noticing the run-on sentence format children's tales usually take) and then He looked for them and they were hiding and God told them they had to leave the forest (Garden) and they had to crawl on their bellies the rest of their lives. [breath]
Then God (an angel) swooshed a big sword of fire around to protect anyone from coming into the forest (Garden)."

End Scene.

So I had a few key questions.

Me: Emmy, isn't her name Eve?
Emmy: Um, maybe, but I like Melinda.
Me: Hmmm. Did you know they were in a garden and not a forest.
Emmy: [sheepishly] Oh ya.
Me: I think it was the snake that was suppose to crawl on his belly the rest of his life, not Adam and Melinda, er, I mean Eve.
Emmy: No, it was Adam and Melinda who were supposed to crawl on their bellies.
Me: Okay, whatever (we're still arguing about this, she's pretty sure she's right). I think it's a special angel who guards the tree not God guarding the entrance to the forest.
Emmy: Maybe. [a moment passes] I want that sword.

So now it's on her Christmas List.

Emmy's impressionistic version of the Tree.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Letter From School

The following letter was sent home on Friday:

Dear Parent,
A Child at * * Elementary has been diagnosed as having Pertussis (also known as whooping cough). Please see the attached Fact Sheet from the Texas Department of Health for information regarding Pertussis symptoms, treatment and prevention.

Thank You,
Pam *, RN
School Nurse.

There aren't many topics that I feel completely sure about, but immunizations is one of them.

Let me also make it clear that I've written and re-written this post about 7 times. I can't seem to make it unbiased or, let's face it, non-violent. So I leave it to you to write this post. Please comment on the following:

How do you feel about vaccinations?

Meanwhile, here's a little video to let me know what to look forward to in case my child did NOT get immunized for Pertussis.

Let Me Tell You Why I Hate Buffets long as we're on the subject.

  • "Buffet" is a stupid word. Who uses silent "T"s anyway?
  • Most restaurants that offer one are usually named after something that makes me feel like I'll be eating out of a trough if I go there. ie: Golden Corral or Chuck-a-Rama (are you kidding me?!)
  • I don't feel like getting hepatitis-A today.
  • If I want to get my money's worth, I feel like I have to eat my weight in meatloaf.
  • There are usually people there that CAN eat their weight in meatloaf...and I just don't want to watch.
  • The 312 people in front of me sneezed and coughed all over my food.
  • 57 kids already taste-tested it for me...then spit out and put back what they didn't like.
  • Really, how long have those potatoes been sitting there?
However, I don't wish for their removal from restaurant options, for they serve a purpose for our little family: Job Security.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Heart my PA

Thanks for the wonderful T-shirt idea, Jimmy.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why I Need a NEW High Chair

#10 My dining room table is slowly being destroyed.
#9 I like new things.
#8 This one's just not cushy.
#7 I've yet to find a efficient way to mop.
#6 I'm tired of walking through my dining and kitchen and getting crumbs stuck to my feet. I have to wipe my feet off on the other leg (you totally know what I'm talking about!).
#5 I think Olivia's hair will simmer down (I don't really know how, I just had to think of a #5)
#4 My back is declining to sweep it up, AGAIN.
#3 The little booger can climb out of it!
#2 Steven says we don't need one.
#1 This is getting gross (and yes, that's banana - among other things - that you can see)

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Emmy's 1st Day of Pre-K

Yes, there is, in fact, a distinction between preschool and pre-k. Ahem!

Pre-k is obviously short for Pre-KINDERGARTEN! Thus illustrating the fact that kindergarten is next and she is a mature, young woman ready for life. Preschool is simply a distinction for babies.

This is what Emmy informed me of when I told someone she was attending a nearby preschool.

Sheeesh! Can't wait 'til that girl is 16!

But will she still be this cute when she's 16?

They had a "Wiggle Worm" Train for the kids after the first day.

They kicked me out of it so all the kids could have a chance.
It was a little awkward.

What do WE PARENTS get out of a first day?

How did you handle it?

Are you missing them like crazy?
or are you shouting words like
"I showered today before noon!"
from your front porch?

Please share. I need some therapy.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Bradley's 1st Day of 1st

Always a momentous occasion: The First Day of School!

The three First Graders. They look like they could be triplets.
Luke B*, Bradley, Madison H*

Action shot.

Bradley didn't sit still long enough for me to get a good shot of him all by himself. My mother is gasping at the very idea, I'm sure. Is it the same if I get one of him a couple weeks into it?

Friday, September 05, 2008

Labor Day

...anything but.

The Saturday before Labor Day our grad school friends organized a little trip to the lake. Friends traveled from New York, Florida, Louisiana and from all over Texas. It was so fun to catch up though there were plenty of people missed.
And as you can see the little monkeys were excited to see some old friends.
Here they are squished in the back of the Corolla.
The Accord's A/C is struggling.

Beth & Julie

Jenny & Jimmy

LoriAnn, Olivia, Emmy & Myself

Beth, Julie, Jenny & (always the lady's man) Bradley

Avery beating up her daddy, Keith.

Emmy being super brave and jumping off the pontoon boat to Ste.

Obviously pleased with the outcome.

Steven thinking he's helping Travis navigate (pshaw!)

Me, thinking I can use words like "pshaw",
and keeping Olivia from going overboard.

Don't worry, we figured something out to keep her seated.

Steven with the monkeys.

Simply proof that I got into the water.
Julie, Me, [the back of] Emmy, Beth, Jenny.

Well, 7,000 pictures later! I should apologize for neglecting my blog for so long. It was a long and trying week for many different reasons. Thus, I went on an internet strike. No email, no blogs, no, no nothing. Okay, I did fill a couple of virtual shopping carts, but that was only to help lift my spirits.

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