Monday, September 15, 2008

Emmy's Version

Emmy's preschool is run by a non-denominational church. They reviewed the story of Adam & his better half and I was curious as to what Emmy took away. So when I asked her to retell it, this is what I got.

Adam and Eve through the mouth of my little Emmy Maree:

"So, there was boy named Adam and he was God's helper and Adam named all the stuff and then he got lonely so Heavenly Father gave him a friend.
Then a snake came and the snake told Melinda (you know her as Eve-not sure why there's such a discrepancy in names) that she shouldn't listen to Jesus and she should have a family and then Melinda ate the apple and told Adam to have the apple then God wasn't happy with them (are any of you noticing the run-on sentence format children's tales usually take) and then He looked for them and they were hiding and God told them they had to leave the forest (Garden) and they had to crawl on their bellies the rest of their lives. [breath]
Then God (an angel) swooshed a big sword of fire around to protect anyone from coming into the forest (Garden)."

End Scene.

So I had a few key questions.

Me: Emmy, isn't her name Eve?
Emmy: Um, maybe, but I like Melinda.
Me: Hmmm. Did you know they were in a garden and not a forest.
Emmy: [sheepishly] Oh ya.
Me: I think it was the snake that was suppose to crawl on his belly the rest of his life, not Adam and Melinda, er, I mean Eve.
Emmy: No, it was Adam and Melinda who were supposed to crawl on their bellies.
Me: Okay, whatever (we're still arguing about this, she's pretty sure she's right). I think it's a special angel who guards the tree not God guarding the entrance to the forest.
Emmy: Maybe. [a moment passes] I want that sword.

So now it's on her Christmas List.

Emmy's impressionistic version of the Tree.


Janene said...

Swords make fabulous Christmas presents, especially when they are hollow plastic. The foam ones actually are less painful, I mean, even better.

Valeri said...

Hilarious! And good for you for getting all of that down on paper! You'll all be laughing at this story 20 years from now!

John said...


Randi said...

I want that sword too! I would use it to make myself invisible after one of "those days." I don't think God would mind AT ALL!COme to think of it, that is probley why I am going to h%^L!

Valerie C. said...

This picture reminded to me ask if you had any hurricane issues? Cute story, at least she listened well!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! So fun to read! Good for you for getting it all down. Precious little darling.....


The Vaughn Family said...

Mindy! I was rolling about this. I just got our blog up and running, I am adding your's to my faves, hope you don't mind. I hope that you and your cute family are all happy and well, despite the car troubles. We still don't have a house, which is really pathetic and sad. We are hoping December will be the month for that. Email me sometime and I'll hope to talk to you soon! Brittney

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