Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dream Mediocrity

I realized the other day that [perhaps like many of you] it would fulfill a dream of mine to sing on stage.

But only as back-up vocals.


What is wrong with me? It's like dreaming of being sous-chef, vice president or winning the silver medal. I don't know if it's because I like singing harmony or if I don't like the pressure of being center of attention. Either way, apparently it's not my dream to "reach for the stars."

So go on America, teach your kids to reach for the...clouds.

Okay, maybe a satellite. But NOT the stars; way too high.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cynthia T. Rickelson

We live in, what I like to call, the Bedazzled Buckle of the bible belt. That being said, when you don't have a cross around your neck or tattooed to your ankle or on the back of your jean jacket in rhinestones, people start to question if you really believe in Jesus Christ.

The other day, my neighbor informed me that if you work for the school (any government owned school for that matter) you weren't allowed to wear any religious paraphernalia. I thought of Bradley's teacher and her ginormous chain of about a dozen crosses that she wore every once in a while.

I said, "I think that's why we [LDS] stuck with the CTR ring."

She responded, "you can't even wear that."

I nicely argued that for all she knows CTR (commonly known to stand for: Choose The Right) has nothing to do with Christianity. It could be a crazy right-winged republican ring, or maybe it's reminder because I forget which hand I'm supposed to use when I draw, or it's my deceased grandmother's initials and green was her favorite color!

What do you think?

Is a CTR ring appropriate?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pumpkin Carving

The 3rd Annual Contest took place a few weeks ago. But because we were moving and the what-nots of excuses, I didn't get around to posting pics.

But before you get all mad/relieved that you didn't get invited. We have very strict rules: we have to like you.

Just kidding! You have to live in our neighborhood (either SO or MR).

John & Hayden S* (We missed you Tiffany & Hudson!)

Brian showed Baby Megan how to carve this one by herself.
I'm sure Kevin & Heather S* were somewhere close by.

Danielle, Joe, Izzy & Madison H*
holding their well-deserved prizes...

The H* Family and their pumpkin that Jarom poured over making us end the night around 2 am (also pictured, Kristy, Cole, Shayla, Cooper & Brynn).

Crystal & TJ J* used this as their candy jar.

Showing off my great photography skills with Bryan, Nicole & Tyson V E*.
It's really not blury, it's a soft lense.

The C* Family: Keith, Loriann, Avery & Addy
Avery's the violent one that stabbed the poor pirate's head.

Mr McMonkey & myself with Olivia, Bradley and
Emmy - our daughter who auditioned for The Ring

My one action shot. Is that kid being accosted?

Can I just point out the winners?
The mummy (front right) won Scariest.
The Trick or Treat (front left) won Most Creative. (see picture below)
The JACK (middle right) "won" Most Pathetic.
Can you see the "TREAT" reflected on the back wall?

It was oooooober fun. And there was lots of food, lots of costumes & lots of boxes of stuff (as we were moving a week later). We'll see what next year brings.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

A House Warming Gift

...that made my day.

Thanks, Shel!

Friday, November 06, 2009

Halloween Catch Up

Since I was without you for a few weeks, you didn't get to see my monkeys in their 'stumes.

I forewarning:
they are NOT emotionally abused.

Bradley was The Count. "Mwah ah ah!"

And, my 5-year old, Emmy,
who should want to be a princess/ballerina/fairy/angel
has, instead, chosen a different route.
If you just peed your pants, don't worry.
It's a very normal reaction.
She was playing the role well and refused to smile for the camera saying, "Zombies don't smile, Mama!"

Ahh,Olivia. The one I still have at least minimal control over.
Except that it started itching her like crazy and she ended up in...

Was it Lincoln that said, "Whatever you are, be a good one."?
Well, my kids would have made him proud.

Thursday, November 05, 2009


Holy cow! It’s not like I feel I rely heavily on the internet, it’s more like I couldn’t breathe and my heart stopped for the few days without it.

In all honesty, it was nice knowing no one could call, that I had no obligation to answer emails, that my life continued on (and is, in fact, more productive) without phone and email.

Television on the other hand…

Can someone update me on SYTYCD and PR (and if you don’t know what those stand for, you’re not worthy of updating me)? And more importantly, when can I come over because we’ve decided to [dramatic pause] NOT get cable/dish [GASP!].

Don't freak out.
It's not like I'm going to start homeschooling and put Liv in cloth diapers.
We're just experimenting. I'll just buy the
Glee soundtrack this month.

Have you ever gone w/o TV?

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


While this sounds like an appropriate new nickname for me and my new friends Chin 2 and the Love Handles, it’s what Steven and I called ourselves for an entire week.

For seven days we lived in an un-resided-in home. The owners had moved and were in the process of selling it (to us) but closing had yet to occur.

And we lived there.

For a week.

I feel like I can truly relate to homeless people everywhere. I know how hard it is to not call something your own – even though we still had occupation options for our rental house and we were pretty sure closing was going to go fairly smoothly, not to mention we have plenty of food and clothing – but don’t you think I am more whole now and have a certain sense of kinship with transients everywhere ‘cause it’s pretty much the exact same circumstances?

Ya, me too.

Pictures to be posted soon.

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