Wednesday, November 04, 2009


While this sounds like an appropriate new nickname for me and my new friends Chin 2 and the Love Handles, it’s what Steven and I called ourselves for an entire week.

For seven days we lived in an un-resided-in home. The owners had moved and were in the process of selling it (to us) but closing had yet to occur.

And we lived there.

For a week.

I feel like I can truly relate to homeless people everywhere. I know how hard it is to not call something your own – even though we still had occupation options for our rental house and we were pretty sure closing was going to go fairly smoothly, not to mention we have plenty of food and clothing – but don’t you think I am more whole now and have a certain sense of kinship with transients everywhere ‘cause it’s pretty much the exact same circumstances?

Ya, me too.

Pictures to be posted soon.


John said...

Umm I already know that I need to preface this with - I do love you.

ARE YOU KDDING ME? HOMELESS? "Oh honey, where should we sleep tonight? In our house we have been renting for 3 years that is perfectly fine and spacious or in our new house that we are fixing to legally own in 3 days? I mean this new house is soooooo big and soooo nice and sooooo new and the kids soooo love it but gosh, I don't know, where should we stay?"

Homeless person - "Dude, it is freaking cold and this p*#sed in forty ouncer here is not keeping me warm. That hole in the over pass is looking like potential man. AW SWEET! A cigarette with 2.3 milimeters of unlit sweetness. SCORE."

Hmmmm, I apologize. After my diatribte I can totally see how you are just like a homeless person . . . . with your choice of two phat houses to live in. What ev.

If you can't come up with a better (realistic) blog then post some pictures of your cute kids or something.

John said...

You know the Germans started sensoring things too in the late 30s. I'm not saying, just saying.

Mindy said...

John, you're such a dork.

I thought you knew my sarcasm better than that.


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