Friday, December 26, 2008

Social Experiment

Steven and I made a long trip out to Albuquerque; our first stop on a two day journey to northern Utah. We decided to take the route that lead us through NM instead of OK KS & CO just in case weather decided to get ugly and we couldn't make it over the Rockies.

Needless to say the trip is boring - actually to the point of tedium. So we concocted a little social experiment as we were driving through west Texas. We thought it would be interesting to pull over after a long stretch of nothingness and just a mile and half before a gas station and feign being out of gasoline. We wanted to see how long it took for anyone to stop.

Once we stopped we called AAA to see how long it would be before they could come help they said it would be just over an hour (we had to make the experiment realistic - most people have access to a cell phone and would call for help). Then we waited to see if some sweet Samaritan would beat them.

We all got out of the car. We ate a few of our snacks. We tried to keep the kids out of surrounding cacti. We had awkward bathroom breaks. And we waited.

15 minutes have passed.


A half and hour has passed.


50 minutes after we stop, someone finally pulls over in with their motor home. He and his son get out and tell us they can pull us to the next town. Steven explains to them that we've already called for help and not to worry about us; someone would be here shortly. He also explained to him that he is the first person in almost an hour to stop and even ask if we're okay. Our Samaritan tells us, "I saw the kids and you just have to stop if little ones are involved."

What in the world was wrong with the other thousand cars that drove by us in that hour? I was a little disappointed in humanity.

Oh, and if you haven't already figured it out, there was no feigning. There really is nothing in all of west Texas. You can't tell yourself, "we'll get gasoline just around the next corner." Because there is no gasoline. For a really long time.

We're really awesome. And we feel really smart.

BTW, we're up to $840. Anyone else want in on this action.

Friday, December 19, 2008

The Recital

It was quite the event. In fact, you all truly missed out on an exceptional display of musical talent. I swear I'm not biased.

First of all, every single one of the students looked adorable (except, of course, Jesse, he looked, um, awesome or tough or something else a 14-year-old would rather be called). I required them to be in dressy attire. I also spoke to them about recital manners (ie: no talking, no shuffling of papers, don't even breathe if you can help it - during a performance. Oh, and no gum....that's just tacky) and how we treat others how we would like to be treated while we played our piece(s). Then I told them to go home and tell their families. I can't stand rude audience members (also, why I hate the movie theater - another blog for later).

Secondly, they all did an AMAZING job.

For the record:

Emmy M*: Old MacDonald

Bradley M*: Ode to Joy

Steven M*: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring

Madison H*: Who’s on Third? & Up on the Housetop

Alison T*: When the Saints Go Marching In & Jingle Bells

Jackson V*: Oh Come All Ye Faithful & Haydn’s Surprise Symphony

Hannah V*: All I Want for Christmas & Beauty & The Beast

Ethan S*: Merry Farmer & Silent Night

Mairzey N*: We Three Kings of Orient Are

Sadey N*: We Three Kings of Orient Are & Solfeggietto in C Minor

Jesse N*: Hello, Beautiful & Apologize

Sorry about the pics. I still need to get some from Angela (thanks again for letting us use your home!) because Steven was holding a wiggly Olivia and our pictures turned out a little fuzzy. Also, the reason for no picture for Steven.

But he was adorable, too.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sample Lady

I think I've been screwed by the sample lady one too many times.

Every time I get home from the store with that amazing sweet and sour pork or that delectable sausage it seems that I either
A) can't cook it properly (because I don't have a mini grill/mini oven/mini steamer like they do in the store) or
B) I can't stand more than one bite of said sample.

Which makes me think: would I like the food as much if I had a plateful at the store? Is this why they only give out samples on those flimsy toothpicks? (which, by the way, can and do give splinters!)

It also makes me realize what a sucker I am for suggestive sales and impulse buys. Thanks a lot, Dad.

...maybe if we ate dinner with toothpicks or out of 2 oz cups.....

Anyone else out there a sucker and willing to admit it?

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Claus Look Alike

I've been getting tapped on the shoulder, "pssssst"ed at, and emailed.

People are wondering about the upcoming contest. You know, the contest to make us de-Santa-fy. While a few of us have facial hair, we're a gladly avoiding this subject (buy yourself some good tweezers for Christmas!). This is more about the mid-section part of Santa we're trying to get rid of.

So people, start spreading the word. But keep in mind that while this is an "on your honor" contest, be sure to spread the word to honorable people. It's your money we're talking about.

We've upped the anty to $40.
You're NOT in the contest UNTIL I get your money.
First weigh-in is January 5th.
You can't join after January 30th.

(other rules 12 weeks, no surgeries, weekly weigh-ins, aliases.....)

email me here: mickmonkeys[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll send you my address for payment

If you need an explanation, we're doing THIS again.

Friday, December 12, 2008

No Internet

I went for an entire week without the internet.

Not because I'm some crazy radical anti-internet person, but because I was playing with my circuit breaker box trying to figure out our Christmas lights and flipped one too many breakers and fried my modem.

Now I have to decide what to blog about. There are just so many things....

Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Steven and I signed another year on our lease.

While swear words swam around in my head, I still felt like we were making a good decision. And though I feel a bit like someone who announced that she thought she was pregnant before she even checked, I'm here to announce to everyone at all at once (because no one wants to re-visit semi-depressing news) I'm not expecting a house (or a baby - just to be clear) any time soon.


to my neighbors: sorry, you're not rid of us.

to my bank: your welcome, you get to keep our money.

to my friends: thanks, for not becoming totally annoyed with us and all of our questions amidst all of this (or at least thanks for not showing it).

to my readers: you'll be reading from me more. All my extra energy was spent on hunting. Sorry lots of it will be catch up from missed events.

to my husband: happy shopping! Yes, we have to make this house more livable for the next year and that means I get new furniture.

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