Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sample Lady

I think I've been screwed by the sample lady one too many times.

Every time I get home from the store with that amazing sweet and sour pork or that delectable sausage it seems that I either
A) can't cook it properly (because I don't have a mini grill/mini oven/mini steamer like they do in the store) or
B) I can't stand more than one bite of said sample.

Which makes me think: would I like the food as much if I had a plateful at the store? Is this why they only give out samples on those flimsy toothpicks? (which, by the way, can and do give splinters!)

It also makes me realize what a sucker I am for suggestive sales and impulse buys. Thanks a lot, Dad.

...maybe if we ate dinner with toothpicks or out of 2 oz cups.....

Anyone else out there a sucker and willing to admit it?


Truman Jensen said...

i can eat an entire lunch at sams club :)

never buy the items though.

Emma said...

I love the samples, but I'm with Truman, I never buy the items.

Brekke said...

Not proud of it, but willing to admit it.

Jamie&Gina Adams Family said...

You found your sucker!!!!!

I see the toothpick of a "power bar". I am famished and think it tastes amazing and so I buy the huge BOX and Costco or Sams only to find out that I REALLY don't like them at all.

That is just one of MANY stories. I am also the guy that ALWAYS falls for the people canvasing at your door. I'll buy anything, switch pest control providers, it's a good thing I am already Mormon or I'd fall for their missionaries too ;)

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