Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Steven and I signed another year on our lease.

While swear words swam around in my head, I still felt like we were making a good decision. And though I feel a bit like someone who announced that she thought she was pregnant before she even checked, I'm here to announce to everyone at all at once (because no one wants to re-visit semi-depressing news) I'm not expecting a house (or a baby - just to be clear) any time soon.


to my neighbors: sorry, you're not rid of us.

to my bank: your welcome, you get to keep our money.

to my friends: thanks, for not becoming totally annoyed with us and all of our questions amidst all of this (or at least thanks for not showing it).

to my readers: you'll be reading from me more. All my extra energy was spent on hunting. Sorry lots of it will be catch up from missed events.

to my husband: happy shopping! Yes, we have to make this house more livable for the next year and that means I get new furniture.


Julianne said...

New furniture will be great.

Shelley said...

I am really good at not talking you out of anything when we shop...

keep me in mind when you want to go furniture shopping! hahahaha

Kristen said...

Again dummy, there are plenty of great buys around here.

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