Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Snippety Snip

Really, it's more of a cauterisation.

We're not sure if we're done having kids or not, but when we are, the question of permanent "fixing" will come up. If we do decide to, which one of us will get it done?

I thing it's widely understood that it's cheaper, safer, quicker, less evasive, and even reversible if the gentleman has it done. If women get permanently sterilized, it involves general anesthesia, a hospital, a longer recovery which all also means much more money.

I know some men find this whole idea emasculating and slightly dizzying. I'm wondering, of my male readers, how do they feel? I'm also curious of the married women reading, how does your spouse feel? Are they willing? Or do they feel like it's taking away part of the Y chromosome? If you don't have something to say (or feel awkward revealing your opinion such a topic), simply vote (you can choose and give your reason). It's anonymous.


Andrew said...

Yeah... the idea of emasculation is dizzying, but if a guy can't get over it then there isn't enough "man" there to call it an emasculation in the first place.

John said...

Is that a picture of you and Steven?

John said...

JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian said...

I think I'm uncomfortable talking about this. And, now I'm uncomfortable talking to you. And, soon, I gather, I'll be uncomfortable even being around Steven since he'll be more anatomically like you than me.

I'm checking the handbook as we speak.

Mindy said...

Brian, you make me laugh so dang hard. I'd love to hear what your little handbook has to say.

Love that I'm hearing from the fellas ....though no one's been quite willing to truly ADMIT anything.

Leslie said...

as soon as we can afford it (do you know how much they cost? we've heard about $600?), neal will be getting "snipped." it's already decided. i am D-U-N with birth control.
he's not entirely okay with it, but he's agreed to do it anyway. cuz he loves me. :)

anonymous(steven) said...

I just hate the thought of not being able to sow my wild oats anymore.

Mindy said...

Mr. Anonymous,
Where in the world do you plan sowing those oats? Last time I checked, those "wild" ones were long gone, and the rest of 'em have been claimed by moi.
All the sudden I think that cartoon IS an illustration of us.

Vanderbeeks said...

Let me see, how many times have you given birth? Nuf said!

John said...

I have been retained by Steven's vestibular structures and I am politely asking that you take down this post. First of all, it makes me sore. Second of all, you can't put this on the chopping block of discussions. (sorry).

You may not know Steven very well but he is a sower of oats. That is what he does. He is Mormon. Ya'll aren't done having kids. Ya'll are Mormon. Based on the law of averages, you aren't even a third of the way there.

I am begging you not to force Steven to do something that would take his little bit of manliness out of him. (He is already suffering from the high sock thing). Plus I have heard that once you are snipped, your ankles start shrinking.

Apparently the only birth control ya'll need is to not wash your clothes in the same load.

Off the record . . ., "off with their heads." There is NO WAY you have the surgery over Steven. NO WAY. However, after we babysat your kids for the weekend I went and had a vasectomy the next week and Eli and I have been very happy with the result.

I kind of always assumed that everything wasn't totally connected down there for Steven if you know what I mean. He has to keep his hair sooooo pretty . . . and the ankle thing.

Remember, part of this was off the record!

Mindy said...

Here are the results from the voting poll.
61% said vascectomy
26% said tubal ligation
2% neither
1% said their husband would refuse to be snipped
1% didn't care but something needed done!

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