Saturday, October 06, 2007

Old & New Friends

Recently a few friends from high school have found my blog. I'm not sure how we were connected and I'm dying of curiosity the number of links it took to find me ... who was our ultimate mutual friend???

I did this blog for a couple of reasons:
1) this was my format of journaling and documenting. I've tried notebooks, leatherbound books with my name in gold on the front, word documents, scrapbooks, my brain.... but none of these venues worked. My handwriting wasn't neat enough or even consistent - that bothered me for some reason. I couldn't illustrate like I can with this blog. My computer is much easier to access then getting out all my scrapbooking materials (though I still try to do that once in a while).
2) it's user-friendly. I think that is a must! Otherwise it's a turnoff and my desire will dwindle and die. I don't know java/html, but blogger makes that stuff easy for you. Plus it has perks like all the extra stuff on the sidebar.
3) I'm awfully far away from any and all family. This was a way for my sibling and parents and in-laws alike to know what goes on in our lives and be able to watch our children progress. It was important to me that when I see them, they don't say, "Wow! I don't even recognize them!"

What I didn't expect was the people I would reconnect to AS WELL AS people I'm meeting. As I check who has looked at my blog, I find that I have people I do not know watching my blog. Not in a creepy way (yet). I have a few messages for these people that are new AND those that are from my pre-college life.

To Heidi & Ky: So good to hear from you guys! Hope all is well.
To the anonymous persons in Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Texas, California, Utah: Sign my guest book, I'd love to know who you are.
And to anonymous in Japan: Konichi wa!

Happy blogging!



Brian said...

I think some of your anonymous people are randomly generated IP addresses from overseas.

But many of us are real. As soon we'll take over your puny planet.

Emma said...

I too have people in Japan (through Emily N*'s link) and Moscow (Lyn's)
and New Zealand (from Sally's blog) reading my blog, that I don't know. Not to mention CA, UT and PA that I don't know. Haven't gotten any comments from them though. I also know one of my UT readers is Tara B*'s sister.

LJR said...

You haven't added me to you blog list yet!

Emily said...

i agree totally! i've had people who were acquaintances in high school find my blog and become awesome new blogdistance friends. and i've linked through people's random friend lists and found people four strangers later who grew up with my husband. okay, now i sound creepy for doing that--but once in a while . . .

Heidi Kjar said...

For me, it's like an online scrapbook for friends and family.
A lot of my friends and some
family live out of state and even for the close ones that I don't keep up with enough- it's fun to be able to show them what we've been up to. And finding old friends from high school is an added bonus.:) good luck finding
out who the "annonymous" viewers
on your blog are- good luck. I'm
sure I have a few of those too-
that's a little disturbing...

MaryAnn said...

Okay, I'm coming out of the closet, but I'm afraid I'm going to disappoint you (and Emma). I'm the one in Japan. My husband is in the Air Force and we're stationed in Okinawa. I got to your blog through my sister-in-law, who was linked to Emily (who was in my college freshman ward), who was linked to Emma (who was in my Wymount ward, though I'm not sure if she remembers us), who was linked to you. I got bored one day, what can I say? Now how on earth do you people know who is looking at your blog!?

Mindy said...

Maryann! Welcome, welcome. It sounds like you have a rather exciting life. Maybe you should be the one blogging!

Kylene said...

Hola Chica! I just barely saw this post and thought I'd give you the blog geneology of how I "found you." Very simple. Jeff and Jo Baugh (my cousin) had a link on their site for Scott and Alecia. One click and there was the beautiful, talented, funny as always, Mindy!! Your blog always entertains and likewise, so great to be back in touch. Your family is darling.

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