Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Chris & Jenny

Well, you win some you lose some.

Chris and Jenny came to visit us last weekend and I had two goals. 1. Get Chris to start a blog, as mentioned here and 2. get them baby hungry by using Olivia as bait.

I'm pretty sure I have Chris talked into beginning his own blog. He has loads of strong opinions. He's [only slightly] afraid of offending people. Chris, I'm waiting for that 'church music' entry....

As for the second goal, Jenny was on board until she took Olivia for us on Sunday at chruch while I lead singing time in Primary (3-11 year olds) and Steven conducted Elder's Quorum (men 18+). Olivia did NOT do as we had asked of her (that's sarcasm, folks) and cried until she was back in my arms. There went that idea.

All in all we had lots of fun forcing Chris and Jenny to come to our church's service project on Saturday morning. We made up for it by taking them to the Hula Hut. A great place John & Eli introduced to us.

Our kids are tacklers. So Chris helped us out by reciprocating and tormented and wrestled our children.
The look of torment ... or is that glee ... I forget.
Can't wait to see your blog, Chris. Let us know when it's up and running.


Brian said...

Why don't you just start one for him.


Natalie* said...

tell Chris I'm waiting for the entry he'll write on the film THE NEW WORLD - I know how he LOVES that film. :D

Brekke said...

I'm waiting for Chris' blog, too. I don't see him enough to hear all of his "opinions". I know he has one about the chicken ciabatta sandwich at BCM. He's been talking about it for 2 or 3 years now.

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