Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Fellow Bloggers

On the right side of the screen, you'll notice a list of Family & Friends that also keep fairly regular blogs. I consider myself very close to most of them, while there's a few that I've just met - except one (Kristen and I have only e-mailed each other....which is sad considering we live in the same town, so I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we meet).

But looking at the list has made me realize that my tiny little blogging world really lacks some testosterone. Turning my background pink this week has only worsened the situation. So here are my proposals to those few men in my life whom I think should begin one.

John - I'm guessing the pressure is so strong, it's unlikely that it will happen anytime soon. Wimp. Yeah, you heard me.
Chris - You always have something to say and better yet, ALWAYS have a strong opinion on any given subject. I love strong opinions.
David - Because I think you'd keep up with it, and I'd love to hear your thoughts.
Gordon - You make me laugh and I love your thoughts on current events and politics.
Don - You always make me feel much more intellectual than I really am. You're like the ultimate renaissance man.
Ryan - Your sense of humor may not do as well as writ, but it's worth giving it a shot because you're out-of-control-funny.

So here's a thanks to the few guys on the list. If any of you listed above are reading this, step up. If any other men in my life are reading this and have an inkling of beginning one, please don't let the lack of a proposal stop you. I know there are men out there reading!

As Virginia Woolf said, "Why are women ... so much more interesting to men than men are to women?"

Come on gentlemen, prove her wrong.


Lori said...

Sounds good to me! I don't have any men on my list of bloggers!

Audra said...


Anonymous said...

Awesome quote! Very appropriate.

Brian said...

Men are too busy trying to fix what their wives have broken. Not including me, of course...Love you Necey...

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