Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Buried Nose

I've been busy reading HP VII. I didn't dare even open my laptop all weekend for fear that I'd see some headline, sidebar, or pop-up that told me even the tiniest tidbit of information about it. So, now that I'm done, I won't ruin it for anyone else. but I thought you should know, that is where I've been.


John said...

Don't you have a family that you were supposed to take care of. Poor family. I hope you enjoyed your time off. I am sure the little one was getting tired of, again, the bottle all of the time.

Mindy said...

Dear, dear John. Dear, simple John. I'm pretty sure you have something better to work on. Ahem. You're getting announced tomorrow.

John said...

DON'T ANNOUNCE ME!!!! You have already violated my privacy with your idenity theft!


Simple? You are getting to me and giving me a complex about your belief of my lack of intelligence. And I hate that you are only doing it because you know it bothers me.

Mindy said...

Until you step up and blog about something instead of making comments, the lack-of-intelligence comments won't stop.

I've taken you off of my sidebar until tomorrow.

John said...

I've been DISSIDEBARRED! THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. Now we are not even acquaintances, much less friends, because I won't blog? You can't threaten me. That is not fair!

John said...

mindy: "Hey John, the ocean called to say that they were running out of shrimp."

john: "Oh yeah, well the jerk store called and they said THEY WERE RUNNING OUT OF YOU!"

mindy: "What difference does that make, your their best seller"

john: "kramer"

Mindy said...

Your de-sidebarment (is that a word? i guess it is now) is merely to give you a chance to post something before the morrow.
I've been reading too much British writing.

Mindy said...

We should really be emailing each other as to not let others know of our hostility towards one another.

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