Friday, May 30, 2008

Brave or Just Stupid?

We've all seen those people out there doing those things that some would call brave while others think they're idiotic. Don't know what I mean? Here are some examples:

Madonna's fashion statement(s).
Some are much more stupid than brave, but I'll let you decide.

This guy.
Bradley and I vehemently disagree.

This woman..... uh, I mean, this woman's haircut.
Whatever, take your pick.

Then, Monday came a whole new breed of stupidity (or bravery). I've heard arguments for both sides. I started out with the opinion of bravery and it quickly changed....

Those first few photoes are a few from our little adventure we took to Sea World, San Antonio. Now what these pictures don't tell you is that Steven was at a conference all day.... so I was alone with 3 children. Not bad, but why don't we throw another kink in there and divulge that it was Memorial Day.

Ahhh, stupid. You agree then.

Monday, May 19, 2008

You've Been Googled

Sorry about the short hiatus. We had busy weekend; more on that later.

First, though, I have a question. Google has now become a verb (thus making Dr. Suess' vocabulary not look quite so ridiculous). And I wonder by a show of hands --nevermind that just won't work-- show me by your comments:

who out there has googled your own name?

Now for those of you who think this sounds rather vain. It's obvious that I've at least done it, so you're not alone. So comment, because at least you have my company and I say, "ain't no shame."

What comes up?

Do you come up (not some other random person that happens to be super lucky to have your same name)?

Are you proud of what it tells about you? Your cyber legacy?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Ever since I can remember, I've loved playing with and doing hair. During church one Sunday years and years ago, my dad and I were rather disengaged with whatever was going on, so he taught me how to braid with 4 strands rather than the common 3. He thought he was teaching me how to braid a rope rather than an invention of a new coveted hair-do. 

Thanks, Dad. I'm still using it today.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Surprise

Steven was on call this past weekend, so we expected it to be a rather quiet, low-key weekend. Saturday Bradley was at the pool with friends and Emmy, Livvy and I were upstairs playing. Steven arrived home early (around 2:30) and came upstairs and said, "you need to come downstairs to see your Mother's Day gift."

I was totally excited (having fully prepared myself that he would most likely forget). When I walked into my living room, there she was.

Steven bought me

a beautiful,


Baby Grand Piano.

Okay, long story short: we had been searching all week long for a real one - or at least an upright one. The purchase is more likely to take place this week. I can't wait.

Thanks to Shelly for making the cake for him. It was delicious!..... move over Duff!

Friday, May 09, 2008

Hair Fashion

Just Bed Head or can she pull off
Flock of Seagulls and bring it back to mainstream?

I could just eat her up some days.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Ever-present Question

I find that I am asking myself the same question in a couple of different formats. This question seems to pop up with a newborn and lasts throughout toddler-hood. But it seems to heighten right around 12 months and lasts until their 18 months.

Why do I try ... ?

What's the point in ... ?

Why bother ... ?

and these questions typically end with ...

cleaning, going to church, arranging the books/cds nicely, washing their faces, washing their clothes, making my bed, cooking (actually cooking lasts longer because picky eaters seem to linger into their teens), putting the pillows on the couch, vacuuming, laundering, the list goes on and on and on.....and on.

I noticed I mentally asked this (these) questions like 17 times these past two days. Is something wrong with me? What's going to happen to our home-life when I answer these questions with something like, "hmph, I don't know why? guess I won't."

I know I'm taking a huge risk admitting something like this to a bunch of (well, mostly) mothers who, let's not kid ourselves, judge one another based on how our children succeed and our house looks and whether or not we have roots.

Please tell me there's someone else out there.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Music Muse

In my life, music has played a huge role. 

I've played the piano since I can remember,

picked up the violin while pregnant with Bradley,

can sing like a canary  --but only in the shower,

owned concert tickets to Beastie Boys, Garth Brooks, U2 and Barry Manilow (quite a random range),

always involved in some music calling at church,

and worked at Sam Goody/Musicland longer than any other [paying] job in my life.

Someone once asked me what kind of cds I owned. I explained I had everything from Vivaldi to Rage Against the Machine; Celine Dion to Dr Dre; the soundtrack to Glory to Shania Twain; old school Shakira and Gypsy Kings as well as the 10th Anniversary album of Les Miserables. I've always loved music and as you can see (er, read), I don't discriminate.

So I can't help but wonder, who are you listening to right now?
Who inspires you?
Has music played an important role in your life?
artwork by: Susan Osborne

I Want to Hear From You!