Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Surprise

Steven was on call this past weekend, so we expected it to be a rather quiet, low-key weekend. Saturday Bradley was at the pool with friends and Emmy, Livvy and I were upstairs playing. Steven arrived home early (around 2:30) and came upstairs and said, "you need to come downstairs to see your Mother's Day gift."

I was totally excited (having fully prepared myself that he would most likely forget). When I walked into my living room, there she was.

Steven bought me

a beautiful,


Baby Grand Piano.

Okay, long story short: we had been searching all week long for a real one - or at least an upright one. The purchase is more likely to take place this week. I can't wait.

Thanks to Shelly for making the cake for him. It was delicious!..... move over Duff!


Emma said...

That cake looks fabulous! So you are getting a real piano now? Congrats!

Leslie said...

oh yay! how exciting for you. i can't wait for you to get it . . . that cake is so cool!

Ashley said...

How exciting! I hope you get your real one soon!

Lori said...

You deserve a piano. All those times on the little keyboard practicing choir songs! I will never forget in H* seeing you do choir songs on the little keyboard! What a cool cake. Steven is so original!

Kristen said...

I was, your husband made that cake?

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