Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi, My Name's Mindy

I'm addicted.

I didn't think I was (HELLO! Clear sign of denial!) addicted. In fact, Steven and I had discussed canceling our dish service when it happened.

We've lost the remote.

Really I'm not that lazy (I'm not in denial this time). I definitely have my lazy moments/days. But, I'm willing to change channels by hand if necessary. However, when you've lost the dish remote and the box isn't even in the same room (or on the same floor) as the television is, well, you just end up

really missing it.

So I'm here to introduce myself. My name's Mindy and I'm addicted to lame reality shows that are probably fixed (DWTS and AI), hilarious comedies that make the rest of the week worth while (30 Rock and Office), the occasional guilty pleasure (DH and GA) and shoving my kids in front of the Nick and Disney in the afternoons when I have to teach. (I only abbreviated the ones I'm truly embarrassed of.) 

There. I said it. But I don't feel better. I'm still suffering from withdrawls. Why doesn't my remote have that pager thing my cordless phone does?

My only consolation: everything is still being DVRed.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Home Schooling Now - Not Really

Yesterday Bradley came home with 3 letters from school.

1. A lab confirmed case of pertussis has been reported in C* Elementary School. There's a 5-21 day incubation period. Watch for symptoms.

(Okay, I paraphrased a few things. You didn't really want to read it all.)

2. Flu vaccines administered in fall/winter 2008 do NOT protect against swine flu, and there is not a human vaccine for the illness. Due to our population density, school district communities are susceptible to the spread of illness. So wash your hands a lot. The school district is working with the government authorities on this matter and we've got your back. Even though we just said there is nothing we can do.

(Again, some paraphrasing.)
May I add that a 23-month old in TX died from this. The first death in the U.S.

Two small snakes were found this week on school property [in the building]. Both were determined to be rattlesnakes and were exterminated by district personnel.

(I get the feeling some lunch lady came across them and took care of the matter herself.)

Did I mention that it's TAKS tests are going on this week? If you want to pass your grade level, you must pass the test. It's a requirement.

So let me just sum up what's been going on over in our neck of the woods. If only they'd let me write their letters, it would save them lots of time.

Please send you children to school if you want them to succeed in their education. They may die, but at least they won't repeat the 3rd grade.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Photo by: Steven

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm not dead.

Not yet.

Really, truly I'm embarrassed that I've been such a slacker. I need some sort of motivation. Like, can someone send me $1000 each time I post. That doesn't seem like that big o' deal.

Really? Anyone?

Here are some pics of out at the ranch Easter weekend. Thanks to the rockin' E* Family for adopting us on holidays when we miss our other family.

The monkeys pre egg hunt.
It sorta looks like I photo-shopped Bradley's gang signs.

Olivia with her BFF Elizabeth.

The fam in the gator.

We all took turns feeding the cows and
oohing and awing at the new baby calves.
Here's the proof.

Some of us can't hack it. Poor John.

The little ones enjoying all that open space.

Peace out. I swear it won't be another month. I'll think of something. Especially with that $1000 check in the mail. Right?

Friday, April 03, 2009

I Want to Hear From You!