Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hi, My Name's Mindy

I'm addicted.

I didn't think I was (HELLO! Clear sign of denial!) addicted. In fact, Steven and I had discussed canceling our dish service when it happened.

We've lost the remote.

Really I'm not that lazy (I'm not in denial this time). I definitely have my lazy moments/days. But, I'm willing to change channels by hand if necessary. However, when you've lost the dish remote and the box isn't even in the same room (or on the same floor) as the television is, well, you just end up

really missing it.

So I'm here to introduce myself. My name's Mindy and I'm addicted to lame reality shows that are probably fixed (DWTS and AI), hilarious comedies that make the rest of the week worth while (30 Rock and Office), the occasional guilty pleasure (DH and GA) and shoving my kids in front of the Nick and Disney in the afternoons when I have to teach. (I only abbreviated the ones I'm truly embarrassed of.) 

There. I said it. But I don't feel better. I'm still suffering from withdrawls. Why doesn't my remote have that pager thing my cordless phone does?

My only consolation: everything is still being DVRed.


terica said...

I am dying to know what GA and DH is AND I will be wondering about it ALL DAY!

tara said...

i haven't figured out how to get to things on the DVR to play w/o the remote. And TV 2, how on earth would you operate it w/o the remote?

Vanderbeeks Images said...

too funny! I'm addicted to blogging and facebook because we don't have dish or cable or any of the like. I try to keep it under a 1/2 hr a day though, which is pretty easy to do when I just hop back and forth between feeds while my computer is saving a big project for a client or something. When it's done, I am done. We've only had dish for 3 years of our 10 years together. It's been awesome. We do however have a theater room. It's elegant, comfy, and the perfect man cave! But it only gets used on Fridays and Saturdays. Good luck finding that remote!

Anonymous said...

We sure hope it shows up before we arrive. What else will we do with those kids if we can't watch TV? Just kidding....... mil

The Skiing Wallaces said...

Girl- there is no reason to be ashamed of American Idol or Dancing With the Stars. I watch em both- Along with Biggest Loser, The Bachelor, and several other reality t.v. shows. Oh, and if GA is Greys Anatomy, that is just criminal to be ashamed of such a perfectly amazing show!!!! P.S.- could you tell me where to sign up for the "TAA" meetings?(T.V. addicts annonymous). Trust me, I'm there.
P.S.S.- You can order a new remote from Dish Network for $20. I know this because my dear husband threw ours through a wall one night when it was his turn to stay up with the baby. :)

Jones Family said...

Merritt broke our remote months ago, and watching tv just hasn't been the same since.

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I got all of th€m but th€ oth€r r€ality show - I go th€ AI on€...

And y€s, I am th€r€ with you on th€ Offic€ and DH (to €v€ryon€ I know's chagrin...on th€ last on€ anyway) - sh€€pish grin.

Hop€ you find your r€mot€!

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