Thursday, April 23, 2009


I'm not dead.

Not yet.

Really, truly I'm embarrassed that I've been such a slacker. I need some sort of motivation. Like, can someone send me $1000 each time I post. That doesn't seem like that big o' deal.

Really? Anyone?

Here are some pics of out at the ranch Easter weekend. Thanks to the rockin' E* Family for adopting us on holidays when we miss our other family.

The monkeys pre egg hunt.
It sorta looks like I photo-shopped Bradley's gang signs.

Olivia with her BFF Elizabeth.

The fam in the gator.

We all took turns feeding the cows and
oohing and awing at the new baby calves.
Here's the proof.

Some of us can't hack it. Poor John.

The little ones enjoying all that open space.

Peace out. I swear it won't be another month. I'll think of something. Especially with that $1000 check in the mail. Right?

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