Sunday, April 27, 2008

We Thank Thee

The greatest things in this world are the greatest truths, and there are no truths of greater worth than the truths of salvation. To know and live those truths which bring us again into the presence of God is the crowning achievement of man. Among men, none ought be more honored than those chosen of God to teach his gospel and to be special witnesses of the divinity of his Son. - Publisher's Preface, Gospel Doctrine
This month I've been teaching the children at our church the song "We Thank Thee Oh God for a Prophet". There's been countless stories of prophets of old as well as more recent prophets. I realized I had my own personal story of the time I met our current prophet: Thomas S. Monson.

My sister and I were in Salt Lake City seeing Phantom of the Opera. We noticed President [then Elder] Monson sitting a few rows ahead of us. During intermission he didn't look too busy so we decided to be obnoxious and go meet him. He asked us where we were from, and when I told him Smithfield, UT, he mentioned knowing someone from my same high school. Bryan is one of those remarkable people that has overcome great adversity and was an example to more people than he could ever realize. Elder Monson knew of his situation and we spoke about how Bryan was hoping and planning on going on a mission for the church. I remember Elder Monson telling me then and there that "Elders will fight to be his companion."

Months later Bryan was speaking at his church one final time before leaving on his mission. At the last minute who is to walk into the meeting but Elder Monson. What a wonderful, inspired, loving man who took time out of his busy schedule to drive hours out of his way to attend a simple sacrament meeting.

I never told Bryan this story. I wish I would have.

Now you know just a little part of my testimony of this prophet of God.


Valeri said...

That's beautiful. Thanks for sharing, Mindy.

MIL said...

Beautiful testimony of our new prophet........ Thanx for sharing!

Vanderbeeks Images said...

I've wondered for years what he was up to. His is a story you just can't forget. His mother was sweet enough to speak to all of us freshmen college students about Bryan's many surgeries. He often scared people at the sports academy when his prosthetic nose fell off. He has an amazing sense of humor. I am so glad that he got to serve a great mission! Our prophet loves the individual, that is for sure!

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