Monday, April 07, 2008

ipod envy

I'm in the market for an ipod, but they seem ridiculously expensive. Am I insane? Why do I see teenagers everywhere that have a $250 piece of electronics haphazardly sticking out of their back pocket. Am I mistaken?

Who has an ipod?

Who has an mp3 player of a different brand?

Does it matter?


janet said...

I have an iPod nano and I LOVE it. I didn't think that I needed one and didn't open it for about 3 months... cause they are expensive! But I love it for working out-- cleaning and doing dishes, watching conference talks, etc. it really is awesome and it's insane what teenagers think they NEED these days... If I wanted to listen to a song when I was a teenager, I had to listen to the radio with a tape player and hit record when my fav song came on.. and of course it was always half of a song or messed up with some dj talking in the background..

okay. this comment is getting a little carried away, but yes. you should get one. I think my husband bought mine at Costco for under $200.

Leslie said...

hey mindy! i have a zune, which is the microsoft version of the ipod. i like the way it looks and the screen graphics, which are much better than my husband's ipod, but you can't get as many songs on zune as you can on itunes. i can listen to the radio on mine, too, which is kind of fun.

i wish you luck.

Valeri said...

Try Craigslist. You can find them brand spankin' new for a fraction of the price (at least in our neck of the woods).

I agree that they are outrageous, and that's why I refuse to buy one, yet. And just when I do break down and make the purchase, that's just when they'll drop in price because a whole new model has come out. You can never keep up with technology I tell ya!

Tim and Clarissa said...

Tim and I have ipods but that is because Key Bank gave them away if you opened an account with them. You should keep an eye on Key Bank, they seem to keep having those ipod promotions.

Truman Jensen said...

I use a microsoft Zune and Crystal has a creative Zen

Randi said...

I have an Ipod Shuffle. It is a little I-pod and it holds plenty of music. I think that it is great. It has a great clip that stays in place while I run. The price just went down and you can get them for $50 everywhere. It is perfect for what I want it to do. Hope that is helpful!

Amy Johnson said...

There are two important things I have learned in the four years I've been at Best Buy. #1 DO NOT BUY AN IPOD! #2 Don't sign up for Comcast. I'm sure people will disagree with me, but it's just a fad and they suck. We get them returned all day long because they break so easy and if you even try to get Apple to help you out....good luck! I would go with a Zune over an Ipod. I have an Insignia (it's a Best Buy brand) and I have loved it. I got that brand because every single one of our Geek Squad Agents said that is the one that has the least amount of problems. Hope this info helps!

Shane, Megan, & Carter said...

I had an iPod mini for a few months a couple of years ago and I just found that for the price, I was not getting the use I should be out of it! That was when I was still at BYU and childless. My niece was really wanting one then (she was about 16) and so I sold it to her at a loss so she could afford one. I still don't have another one now. I doubt now (with child) I would use it enough to feel like it's worth the money, and Shane even gets a discount through work!

LeahNicole said...

I have a nano. I pretty much only use it to work out but it comes in REALLY handy then. In retrospect I would probably buy something cheaper, but I do like it.

Jodie Haney said...

Get an IPOD, but the $150 one. Don has the big one ($250), I don't like it as much.
They are really worth the $150.

Lori said...

I have an iRiver, that my aunt gave me because she upgraded to an Ipod. It works great for me especially for the free price tag. I don't think I will ever be able to pay the money for an actual Ipod. I am just cheap and I know it!

Brekke said...

I have a nano and I love it. I don't use it much, but I love it when I do.

Anonymous said...

KC bought me a no-name mp3 player for $10 (it was a great deal on amazon) and I think it's great. It's tiny and you can download 100s of songs. I don't really know anything about Ipods, but they seem way overpriced.

Randy said...

We've got 5 iPods and a generic MP3 player. That's 3 Shuffles, 1 old-style Nano, and one Touch.
The kids love their shuffles and the 4-year-old loves her MP3 Player, but is starting to notice that it's not an iPod.
Juliene rarely uses her nano. I use my touch all the time for music, Internet, email, and ebooks.
What's the difference?
1. Accessories - there are tons of iPod accessories available, not so much for other brands
2. ITMS - the Music Store in iTunes is extremely simple to use and has a large collection of music for $0.99 per song if you want to buy music.
3. iTunes - the iTunes software just works and works well. Makes managing your music easy, Ripping CDs is easy as well.

If you want video, spend the extra $$ and get the iPod touch, it's an amazing device and the video is beautiful on it.

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