Friday, April 25, 2008


Our air conditioner was on the fritz (AGAIN!). Here's the problem with this scenario.
In Texas (as well as AZ and possibly other states that I don't know about) the law says it has to be fixed within 24 hours.

Because of this law, AC fix-it people have most likely been taken for lots of money - they feel obligated to fix something because the law says so while people don't feel as obligated to pay for said service.

So now, while you make your appointment, they take a credit card number over the phone to procure their payment.

This causes me to feel a little like a 73 year old woman (who am I kidding, a 28 year old woman) in the auto mechanic's shop at the complete mercy of a guy who might tell me I need more head light fluid.

Whether or not they find something wrong, they now have my credit card number.

Luckily this doesn't come out of my pocket. Yet another reason I'm scared out of my mind to own my own house.

Have you ever felt helpless?

You know, like someone who has to buy gasoline today.


Vanderbeeks Images said...

this is why you always get a home warranty on a new build. our last house, although brand new had the roof leak twice, the air conditioner blow up spraying white powder all over the side of the house and scaring me to death, the water heater quit 5 times, and other odds and ends. Needless to say, we got a different builder this time (after 2 years of interviewing and looking at homes they were building) and the only thing that needs to be fixed this time around is the front sidewalk. We've learned a lot about life through all of this.

Oh and I charge brides 1/2 their package price to book their date and the rest 1 week before the wedding. There is nothing like waiting for money, besides it allows us to get their album done and in their hands faster that way (about 4-6 weeks after it is proofed). It's good both ways.

Melissa said...

Mindy, you are so funny. I love reading your posts. I have to say about sons vs daughters, my opinion is that boys are way harder to raise. When ever I see little girls playing they are so calm, my boys never stop moving or destroying!

Tara said...

You should get some of those one-time use credit card numbers. It's only good that one time!

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