Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Latest Visitors

Jon and Domie visited.
Here we are being super supportive of Bradley's soccer game (which they lost by like 12 goals - in which we can simply say, "winning doesn't matter as long as you had fun." To which he replied, "but it's not fun losing." ).

Here we are at Mt. Bonnelle with it's glorious views.

We already miss them terribly.

I must mention that they've claimed the highly sought-after title of favorite siblings. Seeing how they are the ONLY ones who've made the trek. May I add that WE'VE made the trek to see all of our siblings?!?!

Excuse the rant. I want a piano.


MIL said...

These pictures warm my heart and so glad to know you had a great visit. Wish we could magically send you a piano!

MIL said...

Where's the hot, humid Texas weather? You all look cold in the soccer picture. Move back to sunny CA :>)

Kristen (favorite Sister) said...

So if I buy you a piano will it make up for the fact that we haven't visited. Also, I would like to point out that you can hit all but one of your siblings and one of steven's siblings when you come to ut. They also don't seem to have any children to tote along.

Mindy said...

(I don't know how to make my e have that little thingy over it so you know I'm not calling my sister a not-so-nice name).

Okay, Kristen, you're forgiven this once and sure Jon and Domie aren't toting chillens - yet - but the same excuse doesn't work every time we (who have to buy 4 tickets) come to visit. I think we all need to meet somewhere in the middle...like southern Colorado maybe. At least then we could drive.

Oooh, what about Powell?

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