Monday, April 28, 2008

Pump Up the Jam

I made freezer jam for the first time yesterday.

I knew it had a lot of sugar.....but come on!

The ratio is literally 2:1; sugar:strawberries. Ya, there's some pectin in there somewhere, but isn't that just another form of sugar? I'll stop complaining because it's pretty dang good. Saying that "Olivia seems to like it" is a gross understatement. I think she would have taken a straw to the bowl had I let her.


Ashley said...

I think I need the receipe! I have been wanting to try to make jam. Is it on your other blog?

Valeri said...

Isn't it disgusting to think about how much sugar goes into jam? I had the very same thought run through my mind last week when I made a couple batches. I've never done freezer (only cooked), but instead of 7 cups of sugar I only added 5 and it turned out perfectly fine. That way there was at least an even amount of strawberries to sugar!

Glad Olivia liked it. I think I'd be worried if she didn't. Who doesn't like homemade jam, after all?

Anonymous said...

I only made one batch because of the sugar...I know there's a way to make sugarfree, however, I have no idea how to do it.

Valerie C. said...

I have a good recipe that acutally has more fruit than sugar! That way I think it must be healthy when my family eats it like crazy.

janet said...

Yum! and the sugar is what makes it so delicious.

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

My fav is the strawberry freezer jam on homemade bread - YUM!!!!!

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