Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Self Image

I'm posing a very sad question.

Is there anyone out there that is
completely happy with their body?

Now I mean everything; from the 5-50+ lbs you want/need to lose, that pending nose job, the wishful thinking of a future tummy tuck (after all the monkeys are born, of course), or the laser hair removal you've been thinking about splurging on...

What's so sad about this is I believe I was created in God's image. But I truly believe there are few - if any, who don't think there is some aspect of their body that could be improved upon. Why don't I see the beautiful young woman above? Why do I see the old hag?

Is it simply because I've been raised amidst a society that pays handsomely for handsomeness?

Or do I still have the emotional/social maturity of an 8th grader?


The Lambs said...

It is the eye of other people that ruin us. If I were blind I would want, neither fine clothes, fine houses or fine furniture.
Benjamin Franklin
And might I add, fine body! I love reading this quote to help me when I'm not happy with my body, which is unfortunately too often.

Tara said...

In terms of thinness, I completely blame our society - you're not attractive or happy unless you're thin. Also, it's implied that you're a fat, lazy slob if you're overweight. We live in such a high-maintenance country. I think it's especially true for Utah women.

I think it's sad that mothers who've put on a few pounds and don't have time to dress up and style their hair are looked down upon. We are the most important people in the world!!!

Jodie Haney said...

I'm an 8th grader. I admit it. There are about 4 things on my list that I would have fixed if I could.

Brian said...

I, for one, am happy with my body. That's why I never wear a shirt.

Everyone is created in God's image, but then nachos wreck everything.

Annie said...

Mindy, I know how you feel. I am already telling Graham about all the things I want done once the kids are all here! (Boobs, lipo) Its sad because women are never satisfied. I look back at pictures of me in High School and think, "why did I think I was fat then...I was tiny!" I am sure in about 10 years from now I will say the same thing about my body now. Its crazy!

Vanderbeeks Images said...

I was thinking the other day how good I looked a few years ago compared to now, and how I wished I could get all that back. Chemo did a number on my skin - but it was better than the alternative. I miss my long hair, but it's slowly growing back - although I know that at any moment it could be gone again. Having cancer really changed how I look at things - life seems much shorter now and well, I truly believe if we are faithful, and sacrifice our will for His, he will make it all up to us and it is all worth it in the end. That's one reason I quit working for the magazine - the blessings Heavenly Father will give me for spending time with my children are much greater than what I could do on my own to be published, etc. As far as the body image goes, one day it hit me, I better enjoy it now because in a few years I'll be looking back at May 1, 2008 wishing I look like that again!

Angela said...

Your post was so well put, and I love the picture you posted. I also like your friends quote from Ben Franklin too, but I think I need to add that you are one of the cutest, hippest moms I know!

Audra said...

It is sad to think about how so many of us have such a problem with body image when our bodies are such a wonderful gift from our Heavenly Father. I think Satan tempts us to hate our bodies. It is a very easy and effective way to make us miserable like he is. But we don't need to be! We don't need to listen to his lies or the standards our society has set up. I am grateful for the gospel principles that teaches reverence for the body and the truth about self worth. But with that said, I struggle with body image on a daily basis. It's sad, isn't it.

John said...

I have never had a problem with YOUR body.


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Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

I miss the days when it was a crime to show the ankles - life was MUCH less complicated then!!!

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