Thursday, May 31, 2007

Pet Peeves

I've been stewing over that obnoxious phone call from last Friday and I've been thinking of my other pet peeves besides RPWINDNLs (see May 26th's entry).

So I've made a list. I'm not a pessimist, but for some reason making this list was quite liberating.
Here we go.

  • Gossips. It's really none of your business, so don't share it.
  • Loud eaters. If you can't keep your mouth closed when you chew, don't put anything in it in the first place. (Hey, it kind of goes hand in hand with #1.)
  • Sinks with short faucet necks. I can't stand washing my hands and not having enough space to thoroughly lather/rinse. I'd rather not bang up my knuckles on the back of the sink. Petty, I know.
  • RPWINDNLs. Again, see May 26.
  • Hypocrites, Vandals, Telemarketers & Bullies. I'm pretty sure these people are on everyone's list.
  • Chronic tardiness. Being late once in a while happens, but come on.
  • Ignorance. No, this doesn't mean rude (a common misconception among certain people/cultures), but goes along with #1, too; don't talk about it unless you know about it.
  • Summer television. All the really good TV is now a rerun.
  • My metabolism. I overshot my weight goal this pregnancy by 10 lbs and Olivia didn't come out weighing the whopping 17 lbs like I had assumed ... go figure.
  • Clutter. Ugh.
Oh boy, that felt good. I'm sure I have more, but these are the only ones I can think of right now and quite frankly, it would make me sad to think I had a really long list.

Please feel free to add your own. It's nice to let it all out.

I'll be sure to get around to making a "things I love" list so you don't think I'm sitting here feeling bitter towards the world. It probably won't start out with 'girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes,' though that movie (and any other R&H production) is likely to be on that list.


Leslie said...

i also can't stand it when people are always late. it's so selfish to make people wait for you or turn around and watch YOU walk into church. just get there before it starts. sheesh.
there, i said it. i do feel better. :)

Audra said...

One of my pet peeves is someone who gives unsolicited advice. If I really wanted help, I would have asked!

Mindy said...

Oooh ya, chalk that one up for me too , Audra.

Jessi said...

For me it's greedy, arrogant, self-centered people.

CJ said...

All those ad cards in magazines!! I have to go through and rip them all out before I start in. And when I afterwards dispose of them, I make sure to thrust them into the trash with extra momentum, as if to say "take that!"

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