Friday, May 04, 2007

Still Kickin'

I'm still pregnant, though the lack of blogging may have people thinking otherwise. But I think I have bruised ribs to prove this one's going to be a fighter.
I've just been busy nesting: packing the hospital bag, touch-up painting, feeling exhausted, and cleaning everything in sight. Why isn't it ever clean enough when you're pregnant?
Anyway, here's a couple of rather pathetic pictures of the inside of our house. We're still moving and rearranging furniture and art to it's "ideal" location.
A somewhat small kitchen. But compared to our galley kitchen in the apartment (where we could spread our arms and touch the cupboards on both sides of the kitchen), this is gourmet-esque.My newest addition. What a great birthday surprise, Ste. Thanks! I've never had anything to rock my baby to sleep in. I can't wait. I hope what they say about microfiber being easy to clean is true.
I know, totally boring. Give me time. Oh, and money.

The nursery/guest bedroom. Looking pretty masculine. If it's a girl, some things will definitely change - mostly the guest bed's bedding.
Until next time. I swear I'll do better. These long pauses between blogs are getting people too excited for no reason.


John said...

Thanks for blogging Mindy! And for showing pictures of your casa.

Jodie Haney said...

It is so true about microfiber. The best stuff ever for kids.

Natalie* said...

can't wait to hear the news - when it comes! :D

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Hang in there!!! By the way, the minimalistic approach to decorating can be very calming. And its hard to go back to that once you go the other way. Its all good!

John said...

Aren't the first and last pictures from the old apartment.


Audra said...

You make a beatuiful home, Mindy. I miss being in yours.

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