Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ugly News

Yesterday I received a rather disturbing phone call. This is how it went:

Random Person Whom I Now Do Not Like (RPWINDNL): Hi, we got your child's blood tests back and one of them came back abnormal.
Me: What does that mean?
RPWINDNL: Your daughter tested positive for galactosemia.
Me: What does that mean?
RPWINDNL: It means that you need to stop breast feeding your baby and put her on soy formula. You should also have her retested.
Me: Why is that? Wait, what does she have?
RPWINDNL: She tested positive for galactosemia.
Me: Can you spell that for me? and what does that mean?
RPWINDNL: She can't digest milk products.
Me: Like lactose intolerance?
RPWINDNL: No, it's much more serious than that. If you continue to breast feed, it could cause mental retardation.
Me: Uhh, okay.

So, for the next two weeks (until her second test comes back), I'm pumping and freezing while feeding her soy formula. It's less than pleasant. This condition is pretty rare. Because of Steven and my genetics, we would be more likely to win the lottery than one of our chidren having this condition. The one thing we have going for us is that first tests often result in false positives. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for little Livvy. But for the next two weeks, I, like any other mom, will worry anyway.


Ashley said...

You'll be in our prayers.

Melissa said...

Oh no! What a stressful thing for you right now... I'm sure all will be well soon. I think they should have been more understanding on the phone.

tara said...

I am so sorry. I hate it when they have "random" people call like that with bad news. Why doesn't the doctor call?! If you are having to rent a bp I have one i could loan you. I really hope it is a false positive. Let me know if you need the pump and I can get it to you through Teresa.

Jodie Haney said...

Ok...we are having a "going away" party for Natalie here, and you are the topic of conversation. We all sat here an read your blog. We are all so sorry.
We all love you, and can't wait to hear what the new test results bring.
Much love from H*.

Anne said...

So sorry to hear bad news! I hope the result was a false positive... Keep us posted!

Angela said...

I just posted as my mom... sorry! She was logged into my computer to read my blog...

Ashley said...

You guys will be in our prayers! We are thinking about you.

Leslie said...

i'm so sorry, mindy. i've been thinking about you for hours after we all read this together at jodie's house tonight. many prayers to little livvie and her mama.

Audra said...

Oh my goodness. I hope everything is ok. I am so sorry about that!

Julianne said...

Your sweet baby is in our thoughts.

Megan said...

I'm so sorry. I hope you hear good news soon.

Emma said...

I'm sorry to hear the ugly news. You are all in our thoughts and prayers!

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