Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I watch American Idol.

Oh, shut up, you do, too.

My point is that next week they're doing Neil Diamond's music.

Sweet Caroline I'm excited! I've been a Neil Diamond fan since I was like 9. I fell in love with him when I was about 12. Dad had a tape of his in the Mazda while he, Scott and I drove 2 hours out to Box Elder County to go rabbit hunting.

Maybe I've gone one confession too far.


Valeri said...

Sorry to say it, Mindy, but I don't watch American Idol. I've tried, but just can't get into it. I'm more of a So You Think You Can Dance kinda girl.

There's really no point to this comment. I guess there's just something satisfying about being in the minority since I'm sure almost everyone in the blog world watches the show.

Heidi Kjar said...

A tape, I love it- it's weird now to think of tapes. I love even more that you went with your dad and brother rabbit hunting! So cool. You need to add "hunter" to your list of things you are under your pic. :)

Brian said...

It's kind of embarrassing to imagine you going out rabbit hunting. Missing teeth. Chewing tobacco. Dating your cousins. Overalls. No shoes. Scott.

We're all glad you are who you are now...

Jodie Haney said...

I confess...I watch it. I can't believe that chick, Carley, got the boot!
Neil Diamond? How old are you?

Anonymous said...

Oh I totally love American Idol this year, so I know what you mean. Although I loved Andrew Lloyd Webber week the best so far.

I fell in love with Neil Diamond in high school. When KC and I started dating years later, I used to listen to Hello Again and think of him.

Jennifer said...

How can I have known you this long and not known of your love for Neil? I *adore* Neil Diamond and have seen him in concert 4 times (including the Houston Rodeo when I was pregnant with G). He has a new album coming out and it looks like it is going to be as good as the last one (a return to the early years).

Do I sound a little obsessed? Really, I'm not, but I once found a Neil Diamond concert jacket in a thrift store and was so excited I began to cry.

I actually don't watch American Idol, but I would for some Neil action. Can you tell em when it's on?

Angela said...

We record it and watch it when the kiddos are in bed. I never miss it!

Jennifer said...

Neil is coming to TX in October. Tickets went on sale today.

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