Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Pet?

We have a new pet. When I say it's a pet, it's in the sense that a zoo animal might be my pet. Since Joe died, we've been lucky enough to get a stray.
She's outside our living room window. She builds her bed every night and takes it down every morning. She crawls up and hangs out in the eaves until the sun begins to set and she begins building again. When I'm feeling generous I turn on the backyard floodlights to attract bugs to her web. Allow me to introduce Charlotte (original, I know).
It's been great. She'd right at eye level and doesn't startle easily when we're staring at her through the window pane.
She had been hanging out with us for a week or so when my feeding tactics worked.
Icky, I know.
Does anyone know what kind of spider this is?
We've become oddly attached and this morning we can't find her. As attached as I am, if she's out there laying eggs, I've got my bug poison ready.


Brian said...

That's a Black-widow crossed with a Hobo-spider, crossed with a snake. Or something like that. Trust me on this. Keep your children away from it.

Leslie said...

our pet tarantula is named charlotte, too. it's only natural.

and happy anniversary!

tara said...

fun. we have been getting them too and my girls come home from school every day and knock their webs down. (i'm counting Maddie down the street as mine) Since we got a black widow at Sam's club that came home with us in our grapes, we don't mess around (;

Natalie* said...

super-duper icky.
a family in our ward found a brown recluse in their basement. the husband then proceeded to tear the staircase up - literally - to find it and kill it. what a man.

Tara said...

You're a strange woman, Mindy.

Brekke said...

Eeeww gross!

Lori said...

You're crazy! just looking at those pictures makes my skin crawl! I Hate Spiders!! I hope for your sake she isn't laying eggs!

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