Monday, October 08, 2007

GC Feelings

I can't tell you how much I love General Conference. If you don't know, General Conference happens every 6 months (the first weekends in April and October). We don't attend our normal church meetings. Instead we listen to or watch (either at home or at the church via satellite) the leaders of our church give its members instruction and guidance.

Though cabin fever sets at some point during the weekend, the knowledge I get from these great people surely beats out any sort of feelings of crazed claustrophobia.

I'm always surprised at the very distinct difference between conferences held in October versus the ones in April. They have a feel. Am I wrong? It reminds me of listening to and watching conference in my parent's home when I was young. Saturday we listened while we did our weekly chores. Mom was always recording the music numbers so she could enjoy them the next 6 months while she sewed for us. Sunday we watched and though no rules had ever been truly established it seems like if you were under 8 you were only required to watch one of the sessions and if you were under 5, you could come and go as you please. You had to be out of your pj's before it began - the 'rents were worried we'd inevitably fall asleep if we were still donning our nightwear.

In October, the smell of dried leaves is always floating through the air (I tried to imagine it - it didn't work) and the house has been freshly decorated with Halloween festivities. The holiday season is just around the corner.

In April, spring cleaning had just taken place and you can smell freshly cut grass and you can see tulips in everyone's yard. Easter was near approaching or just recently past. And the thought of wearing shorts soon makes you giddy.

I think GC is so important. It gently and kindly reminds me of my inadequacies. It motivates me to do better, be better, and rely on my Savior more. It reminds me of my testimony (those specific things that I know to be true), and the occasions and reasons that it wavers or weakens. It empowers me with new wisdom and reminds me how much I love this gospel. I'll always be looking forward to these unusual and splendid weekends.

Until next time, GC.


Brian said...

how did you get a pic from on the stand at Conference?

Sneaky little thing, aren't you?

Loved Conference. I came into work and told Jared that it was the best conference ever. He said, "You say the same thing every six months".

He's probably right.

Ashley said...

You said it perfectly Mindy!

Vanderbeeks said...

I think that whole line upon line thing finally sunk in. I felt prompted to work on a few select things that will hopefully some day make a big difference. I wrote them down and talked them over with my husband. Now we just need to make a plan and have a family council. I don't want another conference to get here without the last one making a real difference. Oh and I emailed my less active brother my testimony. I love how conference makes us more aware of the promptings of the Holy Ghost!

Anonymous said...

Great thoughts Mindy!

Kylene said...

Amen to all this. I made a visit this past weekend to good 'ol Smithfield. "Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home" (especially at conference time) Thanks for your thoughts.

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