Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Santa Claus Look Alike

I've been getting tapped on the shoulder, "pssssst"ed at, and emailed.

People are wondering about the upcoming contest. You know, the contest to make us de-Santa-fy. While a few of us have facial hair, we're a gladly avoiding this subject (buy yourself some good tweezers for Christmas!). This is more about the mid-section part of Santa we're trying to get rid of.

So people, start spreading the word. But keep in mind that while this is an "on your honor" contest, be sure to spread the word to honorable people. It's your money we're talking about.

We've upped the anty to $40.
You're NOT in the contest UNTIL I get your money.
First weigh-in is January 5th.
You can't join after January 30th.

(other rules 12 weeks, no surgeries, weekly weigh-ins, aliases.....)

email me here: mickmonkeys[at]gmail[dot]com and I'll send you my address for payment

If you need an explanation, we're doing THIS again.


The Brandon's said...

Oh, I'm in. Not only am I in, but I plan on winning my $25 back that I lost last time!

John said...

Who is mad at you? You said people were "pssssst"ed at you.

I might get in on this one.

However, you said that one of the rules is no surgeries. Can we broaden that rule to say no "medical procedures". I only ask that of you because I don't know if you can win with using last minute "medical procedures."

Mindy said...

I've had requests to make it an even $50.


Is that too much?

Shane, Megan, and Carter said...

It might make me think twice...because if it was gonna be $25, I was SO in.

Also, question -- so would be start on January 5th, or the week before?

Mindy said...

The first weigh-in IS the first day. So it begins the 5th of January and will end 12 weeks later on March 30th. Just in time for swim suit season. Unless your Target and you sell you swimsuits the day after Christmas. What's that all about?

Shelley said...

I am so in! Fluffy LaRou has one more round on her butt!

Sign me up!

Mindy said...

We're up to 11 so far. That makes it $440 so far.

Jamie&Gina Adams Family said...

Okay. I'm a "sucker" for another challenge. Something needs to motivate me. The $440 (now $480) is looking pretty good. That could keep me away from Dr. Pepper for a few months.

Besides the cartoon of Santa with the elf up his crack hit a little too close to home....

Jodie Haney said...

I'm In.

janet said...

I'm in. I SO need the motivation to lose a few extra pounds for swim suit season... I may just advertise it on my blog to get a few more people in.. This is some serious money!

Julianne said...

I'm on the fence - $40 is a lot for this girl especially when I made it last time, what if I fail this time? If you get my $ that means I decided to do it just to prove I am up for a challenge. This is a lot to consider.

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