Thursday, November 05, 2009


Holy cow! It’s not like I feel I rely heavily on the internet, it’s more like I couldn’t breathe and my heart stopped for the few days without it.

In all honesty, it was nice knowing no one could call, that I had no obligation to answer emails, that my life continued on (and is, in fact, more productive) without phone and email.

Television on the other hand…

Can someone update me on SYTYCD and PR (and if you don’t know what those stand for, you’re not worthy of updating me)? And more importantly, when can I come over because we’ve decided to [dramatic pause] NOT get cable/dish [GASP!].

Don't freak out.
It's not like I'm going to start homeschooling and put Liv in cloth diapers.
We're just experimenting. I'll just buy the
Glee soundtrack this month.

Have you ever gone w/o TV?


Shane, Megan, CJ and R-Baby said...

We didn't have TV in the last house we lived in in Provo. I think we went like 2 years without. Luckily, we were too busy to care. We were both in school full time and each working multiple part-time jobs.

We just took the plunge and canceled cable a few months ago again and it's been fantastic...thanks to the fact that Shane installed a computer in the entertainment center complete with DVR that records from the basic channels we get without paying for big-bucks channels. Our windows media player has Hulu and Netflix (their watch instantly stuff) built into it and it's super easy to use with a remote. It took a while to work all the kinks out, but I am in love!

Kylene said...

(you make me laugh) We haven't had any type of TV service in our house for over 2 years. Haven't missed it one bit. You can stay up to date on everything with the internet and although I can't carry on a very good conversation about SYTYCD, I don't think my life is less fulfilled. :) Good Luck!

Lori said...

Everyday. We don't have cable or anything either. I really enjoy it. Makes it easier for me to do the things I should probably be doing anyway! Good Luck.

kseal said...

In 9 yrs of marriage, we have never owned a TV. Not just forgoing cable/dish, but no box. So many shows can be watched on the internet (even Glee) and with Netflix and a computer, we watch plenty of movies to fill the need. Our solution to accommodate a growing family is to plug a dvd player into a projector. I have to say, I have loved parenthood without having kids begging for the latest thing they saw in a commercial. Enjoy!

Texas Birds said...

Going on our second year of no TV. They best thing is you can watch almost any show on online- without commercials. We love it!

Truman Jensen said...

Do you have a digital converter box? If so you can just use an antenna the quality is surprisingly good. But I'm afraid you'll miss not being able to fast forward.

If you don't have a converter box they're only $40 at walmart. Though I would recommend just buying an HDTV. You can get a 32" for <$400 and just hook a $5 antenna up to it.

Of course like everyone else said you can watch most stuff online. Or you're always welcome to break into our house and watch our recorded shows. (we record glee and project runway but no dancing shows)

Heidi Kjar said...

We have 2 TV' in the basement and one upstairs. I love having TV and dish network. Watching TV on the computer just isn't the same as snuggling up on the couch with your hubby and some good snacks:). I have my favorite 2 or 3 shows I like to watch each week and love being able to record them if I miss them! Call me a heathen, call me worldly, call me what you want! But I love snuggling up and watching a good show on TV!

Kristen said...

Who are these people you call friends and what no TV? Um, hello, like God totally inspired someone smart to help invent it for a reason....I mean years later, it even came in color. So Please don't disrespect this great advancement in history. How else are we supposed to know important things like...well, EVERYTHING!

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