Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why I Need a NEW High Chair

#10 My dining room table is slowly being destroyed.
#9 I like new things.
#8 This one's just not cushy.
#7 I've yet to find a efficient way to mop.
#6 I'm tired of walking through my dining and kitchen and getting crumbs stuck to my feet. I have to wipe my feet off on the other leg (you totally know what I'm talking about!).
#5 I think Olivia's hair will simmer down (I don't really know how, I just had to think of a #5)
#4 My back is declining to sweep it up, AGAIN.
#3 The little booger can climb out of it!
#2 Steven says we don't need one.
#1 This is getting gross (and yes, that's banana - among other things - that you can see)


Suzette said...

I love LOVE LOVE my highchair and it's one that you just put on a real chair. It saves space and super EASY to clean :)!!
I got it at Target. So the best part it wasn't expensive. This isn't the exzact one I have but it's similar. The best part they call it a booster seat so you can tell Steven it's not a high chair it's a chair for her next stage that will also work if you ever have any more babies :)


Jenny said...

So this has nothing to do with the high chair post, but thought I should tell you that Chris checked your blog yesterday and said, "Mindy looks hot with her new haircut." I take this to mean that I have permission to chop off my hair.

Amy Johnson said...

I'm with you on the new highchair! Only because you want a new one! I'm glad to hear that someone else does the foot wipe on the pants! Or most the time I manage the "carpet shuffel".

tina said...

I am with you and the high chair. My baby "wildthing" won't sit in one any more, so I put her in a booster up at the table with the rest of us and she wiggles her way out. The table is a mess and the floor looks just like yours...I feel your pain...and the crumbs on the floor ...or the ones hanging from my leg hairs that I wiped off the opposite foot with those brillo pad legs I seem to have as a mother of 3 crazy kids!!

Okay...I feel better...

Anonymous said...

You could always put the high chair in the bath tub and wash away your worries down he drain :>) Just kidding. I vote on a booster chair. mil

The Jen said...

I was just wiping my feet on my leg the other day thinking, "Does anyone else do this?" Glad to know I am in good company.

Tell President Mickelson he can't stay at our house at Christmas unless he gets you a new chair. New highchairs are much cheaper than hotels.

Kristen said...

I'm with suzette. We have one and it is awesome. I actually keep it around (easy storage) for when family comes into town or neighbors need a chair. Besides, did you steal that thing from Burger King. It totally looks like the kind you use at an eating establishment. Wait, I will totally feel bad if it was one of Steven's home projects. Sorry Ste.
Lovingly Kristen

Mindy said...

Love to Miss Sheryl for saving me and giving me her gently-used, cushy, ultra convenient high chair!

Did you see the one about my car troubles???


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