Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Car Troubles

Most of you know we've been looking for a house. We didn't (and still don't) think we'll be financially ready until January (meaning, we don't quite have our down payment yet).

But any idiot can recognize that now is an opportune time to buy a home. With interest rates where they are and builders desperate to sell, one just can't go wrong.

I went wrong.

On Saturday, I decided it would be funny to rear-end someone. It didn't turn out nearly as funny as I had thought. Don't try it. It may just damage your car more than the lady's you hit.

I'll back pedal for a moment so you can learn that I'm driving the older of our two cars (for which we are forever grateful to Papa & Mama Mick) because the "newer" ('96) doesn't have any A/C and hasn't for about 6 months. So Steven was chivalrous and gallantly traded cars with us (the monkeys and myself). So now we're driving the Corolla ('93) and while fitting 3 car seats in the backseat is a great workout and a wonderful way to get out aggression, we actually don't mind it too much.

But no, if that were all, this post would be boring. The tale doesn't end there. Last night at Steven's presidency meeting, his car wouldn't start. This morning after charging Steven's car battery all night (thanks to Ryan J*), his car still isn't starting. ARGH!

Are we not meant to buy a house?

Are we going to have to wait another year for a home and spend our stupid, pathetic savings on a car?

I want to throw up.


Anonymous said...

In my heart of hearts I've been thinking you'd have to buy at least one car before you buy a house so you can travel safe and comfortable wherever you go. I know you don't want to hear that. Patience is a virtue but then I know you don't want to be well behaved. :>)
lv, mil

Brekke said...

I am with you - the thought of car troubles makes me want to throw up.

Jodie Haney said...

OH, I am so sorry. That stinks. You and Steven will make the right decision. Pray about it. You'll get an answer, and then you can remember your blessings.

Heidi Kjar said...

Oh mindy! I have had these bad experiences at the wrong time too. It totally makes you wonder if its a "sign"- well I do have to say though I'm glad I'm not the only one that drives a junker car still... 2002 refurbished light blue saturn- swweeeett! And I drive it all b/c I wrecked our even sweeter 1997 Honda Accord a few months ago. Nice. Well good luck in your decision, life can be so crazy!
ps. I love the image of you with the 3 car seats in the back! You are the woman!

Amy Johnson said...

Oh I feel your pain! We had just gotten headed in the right direction for getting out of debt and then our car broke down, so after towing it from Salt Lake and $2500 later (we had to get a new transmission) we are even farther behind than before! Stupid cars!

Shelley said...

kinda don't know what to say...I want more details on the rearending though...not yours, the cars. :)

I can only say that I am sorry, I know EXACTLY how you feel and it SUCKS!!!!!!

Janene said...

We LOVE car troubles!!!! Just kidding. We know them. Sorry. Good luck with continuing to save for your new home. You'll be blessed for your patience, I am positive.

Heather said...

Oh bummer! Maybe his car just needs a new battery? We had the same problem a little while back...thankfully it was just the battery. I'm sending happy thoughts in your direction...especially towards the car!

John said...

Are you having blogging troubles now too?

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