Friday, October 03, 2008

Miss Ariel's Locks

Isn't she gorgeous?

She made homecoming royalty/court/whatever they call it where you live. She asked me to come over and curl her hair for her. I was so excited to get out of the house! She was all worried that her make-up wasn't done yet for this picture. I explained to her that she'd look ravishing standing next to me.


Tonight was the night she got to strut her stuff at half time. Congrats ARIEL!


Jodie Haney said...

gorgeous, both of you!

John said...

What an amazing gift you have of making someone look so much better just by having you stand next to them.


You used to be able to do that with your hair WHEN IT WAS LONG!!!!!

just saying

Randi said...

Too Cute Mindy! You did a great job for such an important evening. But, I am saddned that we didn't get to strut our stuff at half-time with OUR mums. DANG IT. Well next year then!
P.S. I also have a blogging award for you on my blog. You are going to have to scroll down to find it!

Tom said...

Joce and I are thinking you and Ariel look so similar you look like sisters. Same nose, same creamy fair skin, same coloring, wow! Tom

The Lambs said...

Wow- as if she wasn't a boy magnet already! Nice job- and I love your crop too! Are you in YW now? How's the split treating you? Or should I say how are you treating it? :0 Miss you guys.

Janene said...

You both look fabulous!!!! Yeehaw for Ariel!!!

The Jen said...

Seriously are you guys related? Geat job on the locks. Tell Ariel she looked like a model...and actually does pretty much all the time. Oh how I miss Texas, except for the heat :)

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