Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Declare Yourself

This year, most of us are having what I like to call "Voter's Dilemma".

First of all, does dilemma looks like its spelled wrong? Because it totally looks spelt rong 2 mee.

Secondly, I'm curious as to who you're voting for and why?

I'm also hoping you can explain yourself in a mere few words. No pressure.

And, no, Tina Fey is not an option.

Though I'm starting to think she could be.


Mindy said...

And I'm not accepting any:

"I'm gonna close my eyes and let my index finger decide"


"I think you should be on the ballot, Mindy"

...okay, maybe the second one.

Truman Jensen said...

You live in Williamson County, so your vote doesn't count, McCain will win here regardless of how you vote. So you might as well choose to vote with the majority :)

few reasons: he has more experience. He is not backed by Satan(Oprah). His VP is not slime. If he wins we could have 4 more years of Tina Fey on SNL. He's predictable, no one knows what Obama will do, he has no experience leading anything and the presidency shouldn't be his training ground. McCain wasn't receiving money from Fannie Mae. The list goes on...of course like I said at the beginning your vote probably won't count here though :(

Heather said...

I'm voting for McCain. I have lots of reasons. Maybe a large chunk of it is put best in the quote of a friend on Facebook: "[I] can't understand why people believe a proven Socialist would change his character if he is given more power to do MORE socialist reforms?" That and McCain is pro-life, has more experience, and seems to me to be a much better (not perfect) choice.
Very not-thorough explanation, but at least it's kind of close to "few words":-S

John said...

Why don't you declare yourself first and then everyone will feel more comfortable commenting.

Heather said...

I'm voting for McCain.

Obama would make government bigger and will have to raise taxes to support all of his proposed plans. He is also very liberal and many of his proposals seem to have a bit of a socialist ring to them.

McCain, while not the perfect choice, seems to me to be the better candidate. He has more of a realistic plan for reducing government spending. He has more experience with foreign policy. He champions more conservative values, as does Sarah Palin. He is pro-life and voted for the Defense of Marriage Act, which Obama would would repeal.

Okay, that was not exactly "few words," but it's fewer than I could have put!

Brian said...

First one is suggesting, even for a minute, that you should be the president of anything. Don't take that the wrong way.

Secondly, I'm voting for McCain. It is a vote against Obama. And then, maybe McCain will die, and Tine Fey will take over.

Now...."I'm gonna close my eyes and let my index finger" try to find the "Publish Your Comment Now" button...

You're a dear....

Jodie Haney said...

I was going to vote. Now, I am not so sure. My indifference does not stem from a soft stance on what I believe or from two worthy candidates being equally qualified, but rather from my disappointment in the political process, again.
Obama and McCain are both running on a platform of "change." For a while there, I was excited, I believed them. Sadly, both sides have stooped to mudslinging and truth-twisting instead of campaigning. I want to hear where they stand, not a watered-down interpretation of were their opponent stands.
It looks like politics as usual. Sad. Guess I should start prepping myself for political office, since I have it figured out and all. ;)

~M~A~R~L~O~ said...

I don't have any political advice but I had to tell you that I ran into your sister in Conneticut! I was out there visiting my Brother and Sister in-law and the sister missionaries sat behind us in church. So my mother in-law and I start talking to them and small world, found out that she is your sister. She is to cute and looks great. So I had to tell ya. It's a small-mormon world out there!

Jamie&Gina Adams Family said...

Mormons for OBAMA!

I lived in Arizona most of my life and saw the rise of the "Arizona transplant" McCain. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing. There is a reason that his name has CAIN in it... first son of perdition! I did not vote for him as senator when I lived in AZ and I won't vote for him now.

Palin? Please.. the ONLY good thing about her is that the Tina Fey bit will be great for the next few years. We CANNOT have this woman in the White House if the geriatric son of perdition dies (which is all too likely). Can you really see her having a serious discussion with the leader of Palestine? Pakistan? Saudi Arabia? Or even China?

Obama and Biden are no treat either. However, a vote for them is a vote against Cain and Miss Alaska.

In the end... TJ is right. If you live in Texas your vote does not count. McCain will win.

Matt and Emmy Bludorn said...

Wow, you have some smart, rational readers, Mindy! I, too, am voting for McCain for every reason the others have already stated. It's shocking that so many have been fooled by Obama's rhetoric when there is absolutely nothing in his history to back any of it up. Plus, the whole abortion and gay marriage thing - you can't overlook those two massively important issues.`

Jodie Haney said...

I thought NOBOMA had it all locked up. Glad to see you guys think I was wrong! I like the "a vote for McCain is a vote against Obama."

Jodie Haney said...

BTW, Don is voting Libertarian...really, he is.

Randi said...

Honestly I have a hard time answering this. I don't think that either of these canidates was voted "by the people." I am mad at the media and hollywood, and Oprah for doing what it could to get Obama the canidacy and I am equally ticked off at the Republican party for "electing" McCain (something smells fishy)! I can not tell you who I am voting for as I really and Truly have no idea. I think I am waiting for Ashton Kutcher to pop up on TV and tell us we have all just been punked! I do know that I am NOT voting for any incumbent to the Senate or Congress. They are truly, in my opinion, were the problems "lie" (no spelling error there).

Anonymous said...

Obama. He's smart. He's calm. He understands the American experience and the struggles of the working class. He has the ability help bridge some of the racial divides which still plague this country. I agree with most of his foreign policy (esp. Iraq & Afghanistan), and his energy and environmental policy. I like that he is giving a tax break to the middle class and raising taxes for the wealthiest of Americans (people like McCain, who couldn't even remember how many houses he owns).

While I also disagree with most of McCain's policy, he is also not the stand-up guy he presents himself to be. He is known that he has a violent temper, that he has cheated on both his wives, that most of his military promotions are due to his father and grandfather -- both four star generals. I don't believe him to be honest or have the best interest of his constituents in mind. I think he's a power-hungry opportunist. He was one of the Keating Five for heaven's sake! And now he may be *president*?!

McCain and his supporters say that Obama is inexperienced, yet Palin is even less qualified and is a 72-year-old's heartbeat away from the presidency (a 72-year-old who refuses to release his medical records). She is so right-wing Christian, I think she's more conservative than God. In Alaska, she made rape victims pay for their own rape kits (something like $1200) because she saw the "morning after" pill as a form of abortion. She opposes abortion even for rape and incest victims -- even the LDS church states women have a choice in those situations. Remember when Palin said she had "tolerance" for gay people? As a good Mormon girl, I do more than "tolerate" my brothers and sisters in the gay community.

Also, Obama is not a socialist and neither am I, but we have a lot of socialist programs in this country -- medicare, social security, etc. And now, thanks to the "bailout", we now have socialist banking in this country! Who was that guy on TV pushing so hard for the bailout? Oh, yeah, Bush.

Obama was not my first choice in the primaries, but as a member of the LDS Church, I feel my personal and religious views fit better with the democratic party than the republican party. Sadly, my vote won't count, living in Texas and all . . .

So, Mindy, tell us who are you voting for and why.

-- jennifer s.

Anonymous said...

I'm reading Skousen's book titled the 5000 Year Leap. It is very educational, a fairly easy read, and has totally changed the way I look at this election and democracy in general. And since I am already a weirdo :) I feel good not voting for either of the major candidates. I just won't settle anymore, my freedom is too dear to me. I'm still looking for just who I will back, it is hard to find the truth in politics - if there is such a thing - but I will keep looking until I can back my candidate 100%.

Happy hunting!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

i agree with jodie haney....not excited about either option, but more in the McCain camp b/c of pro-life.

Brekke said...


All I heard from Obama during one of the debates was "I want to spend money, here and here, oh and over here, too." Um... where does he think this money is coming from? Not me.

Plus Obama is actually running a commercial that basically says "McCain is offering zero tax breaks, and I'm offering three times as many tax breaks." Last time I checked 3x0=0.

However you vote the choice is always the same: the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

The three most important factors in any election - SUPREME COURT, SUPREME COURT, SUPREME COURT!!! Since I oppose abortion (including the morning-after pill, which I consider abortion, and I oppose abortion in rape and incest situations as well) I will be voting for McCain. The whole anti-infanticide bill that Obama voted against - numerous times - just makes me sick.

I can't stand Obama. His platform saying he is "the hope for change" is word-for-word what Bill Clinton said when he ran for office. And Clinton is such a role model for us all, huh! He will say or promise anything to get elected. And I'm sure that as soon as he gets elected (as I'm sure he will), he'll raise taxes within the first year. Forget everything he said, he's a Democrat and wants big government and more money to spend.

Just for the record, I have to say how much I like Bush. He has stuck his next out so many times, knowing he would get slammed by the Democrats and the media, in cases like reformed medicare and social security. I think he's shown more bravery and integrity than most presidents ever have.

Valeri said...

Tina Fey all the way! Wait, what? She's not a legitimate candidate?

I'm with Truman Jensen. I'd love to see McCain/Palin win just so we can see Tina work her magic on SNL for the next 4 years.

Anonymous said...

There are millions of issues at that we could argue about right? I don't think I would uphold either candidate as a gleaming example of perfection as our next president. However, I will make one comment about why I will vote for McCain (other than the previously stated fact that a vote for McCain is a vote against Obama).

As a woman who is unable to get pregnant and wants nothing more than to have a family, I am saddened that some promote or support the killing of unborn children, and Obama does just that. As an adoptive mother and a member of the LDS church, I support Palin because of her conservative stance on protecting marriage as between one man and one woman.

Jodie Haney said...

The tax cuts for the "middle class"...AKA: spreading the wealth...effects me in that I am going to be taxed more! It just drives me crazy! We ARE middle class. We are NOT rich. I still take out loans for middle of the line cars, we are still paying off huge student loans, our kids are in public schools and we have a monthly budget and mortgage to pay. Obama takes every opportunity to say, "those making a quarter of a million dollars a year." He likes to throw that million dollar term around because it makes $250 a year sound like more than it really is. Let me just say, we pay almost 1/2 of our income in taxes, plus capital gains and we get NO exceptions (charitable, child or loans). On top of that, we don't get a stimulus check.
So, to keep implying that we are "upper-class" is a crock! It is not fair to tax us even more for choosing to work hard throughout college to obtain a job that pays well after. We planned it this way in order to support a family comfortably and stay out of debt. If it goes Obama's way, why bother working harder? He will just take it away. Might as well just get an easier job and wait to for Washington to send us our check.

Janene said...

I am voting for McCain. This is more of a voting against Obama decision. My three reasons in a nutshell are this:

#1 Terrorism
#2 Socialism
#3 Supreme Court Justic Selection

I had the opportunity to live in Russia for a few months and have a physical in one of their hospitals (it's a good story, ask me about it sometime). Living there changed my life and the way I view things. Anything that moves our country closer to a socialist society I oppose.

As a side note, I am not ashamed to admit this; I happen to like Palin. She's one tough chick.

Anonymous said...

Statistically speaking, families who make $250K or more a year are rich. They are upper class. They are part of only TWO PERCENT of US households who make that kind of money. The median household income in America is just over $50K/year (that’s five times LESS than the lowest upper class salary). And upper class families who live in places like Texas, where the cost of living is very low, have an even greater financial advantage over most middle class households. I hope these families count their blessings at finding themselves in such a fortunate situation.

jennifer s

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Jodie. Taxing the "upper class" even more is wrong - these people work hard for their money, and they should choose how to spend it! I was just reading today about Obama's 2000 NPR speech about "redistribution of wealth" and I'm shocked. It is SOOO anti-capitalism. Obama should just move away from this country if he feels this way.

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