Friday, October 10, 2008

The Ghost is Gone

Yesterday morning at 5 am-ish I awoke to someone playing a single note on the piano. Hindsight tells me it was all in my head - at least mostly in my head because everyone else slept through it (that being said, I have piano lessons in the morning on Tuesdays and they sleep through that, too). Steven finally stirred - probably because I was staring down at him until he woke up - and I made him go check it out.

"The piano's closed," he simply stated.

I rarely close my piano.

So it wasn't a huge consolation.

I had two nightmares about someone being in my house for the next hour until I awoke to get Bradley ready for school.

Luckily, Emmy had a book fair and I had a Pampered Chef party keeping me out of the house most of the morning. I just felt yicky all day long - I had that ominous feeeling like someone was in my house. I kept hearing things - mostly coming from the master bathroom. Like I said, Yicky.

Bradley and Emmy were done with school and Bradley went over to the neighbor's house while the ladies and I were having a quick snack. Then Emmy and I hear a crash from upstairs. Stupidly I yell out "HELLO?!"

Like someone's going to answer.

I grabbed Olivia and Emmy and we retrieved my neighbor.

He and I went through the entirety of my house together (thanks, Roarke!) - no one to be found (thought I still walked around the rest of the day with pepper spray in my pocket). He left and Emmy and I went back to our snack and we hear two more footsteps from the bathroom.

"Why don't we play outside for a while." I say after cursing under my breath.

I have a freaking ghost.

I had piano lessons with two students later that afternoon. I almost asked the parents stay, but I felt too stupid to ask them. And what do you know, one of them heard it, too. I heard some weird bump, thump, or thud (they're all different!) at least 15 times yesterday.


All that being said, Steven humored me last night and offered a prayer on our (my) behalf.

I had sweet, sweet dreams - of living in another house.

And today, I haven't heard from my ghost, ... yet.

And, yes, yicky is now a word.


tina said...

YUCK!!! oooooh that just creeps me out...I am such a pansey that I don't think I could make it like you have. Good luck with that...Call the Ghost Busters.

Ashley said...

That's scary!!! I hope it's gone for good. Oh and happy anniversary! (I saw your facebook status)

John said...


The Murdocks said...

Sounds pretty freaky. Maybe your house is haunted.. better move.

. said...

Its just your realtor trying to scare you out of your house into a new owned McMonkey house. -Dallas

PS-Ask Sheryl some time about the doorstop sound we had.

Katie Evans Photography said...

Scarey! Hey I was going to ask you at our book club, where are you guys looking to move?
...maybe to Stony Point ward, perhaps? :)

Erin Cummings said...

Hey Mindy! I think you all should move to Old Settler's Ward, would could surely use you! Ok, your story gave me the total and complete heebie jeebies! Yikes! I would have broken down and cried and told the hubbie we would be moving that evening!!! Has it recurred? So scary.

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