Friday, September 05, 2008

Labor Day

...anything but.

The Saturday before Labor Day our grad school friends organized a little trip to the lake. Friends traveled from New York, Florida, Louisiana and from all over Texas. It was so fun to catch up though there were plenty of people missed.
And as you can see the little monkeys were excited to see some old friends.
Here they are squished in the back of the Corolla.
The Accord's A/C is struggling.

Beth & Julie

Jenny & Jimmy

LoriAnn, Olivia, Emmy & Myself

Beth, Julie, Jenny & (always the lady's man) Bradley

Avery beating up her daddy, Keith.

Emmy being super brave and jumping off the pontoon boat to Ste.

Obviously pleased with the outcome.

Steven thinking he's helping Travis navigate (pshaw!)

Me, thinking I can use words like "pshaw",
and keeping Olivia from going overboard.

Don't worry, we figured something out to keep her seated.

Steven with the monkeys.

Simply proof that I got into the water.
Julie, Me, [the back of] Emmy, Beth, Jenny.

Well, 7,000 pictures later! I should apologize for neglecting my blog for so long. It was a long and trying week for many different reasons. Thus, I went on an internet strike. No email, no blogs, no, no nothing. Okay, I did fill a couple of virtual shopping carts, but that was only to help lift my spirits.


Shelley said...

Didn't realize I needed half an hour to check your blog! :) Looks like your are quite the skinny woman on the boat.

Fun times! Glad you made it home with all your monkeys!

John said...

Why does Olivia look like Steven and what are you going to do if this trend continues?

Off the record, you look very cute in those pictures - even with your short hair!

Jodie Haney said...

Your hair is fab!

Kristen said...

i like your jumping from the boat shot...i love lakes so much more than the salty ocean

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