Thursday, August 27, 2009


My sister, Holly, just returned from her mission in Connecticut. That was one major reason we went when we did (thanks to the Micks for accommodating my side of the family).

It was great to see her. She's amazing.

Now, if I could just get her to take us ladies on a trip back East.

BTW: why are the phrases always "back east" and "out west"?
Any of you a linguist?


John said...

The eastern part of the U.S. was where most of the population lived. When people started moving west they were leaving their home - going out. Once they were in the west they would go back east or back to their home or back to where their loved ones still lived.

It wouldn't make much sense to say back west because they had never been there.

Not a linguist just have common sense??? :) luh lu.

Kristen said...

Who is the amazon in the middle? Seriously were my shoes really that high?

Anonymous said...

An amazing picture! I can only imagine the trouble all of you would find going "back east" w/o any men folk! I will be jealous when you go :-) lv, mil

Anonymous said...

Is that you with the blond hair in the middle? Wow, you look different! and cute :)

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