Sunday, September 20, 2009


There are WAY too many dancing shows out there for me.

Dancing w/ the Stars

So You Think You Can Dance

ummm, Ellen

It gets a girl to thinkin' she's got moves. And then she tries them out in front of her bathroom mirror. And yes, even though I was all by myself, I was abhorrently embarrassed.

Stop. I know you've done it, too (danced in front of the mirror). And if you haven't -- well, everyone should.

I had no idea I was that awkward looking. For a moment I felt obligated to call my mother and have her demand her money back for the 10(!) years of dance lessons.

Except, it all begins to make sense. As I recall those years, I bounced year after year to different studios. Hmmm. Maybe my mom failed to tell me something....

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Valerie C. said...

Sorry, now you know why we never wanted to take you to the sock-hops in H.S.!

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