Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Olivia's Two

...and that's not a birthday announcement. It's more like a behavior announcement (but, we'll still accept gifts).

Her entourage:
(Tyson V*, Logan O*)

Her unwillingness to wear clothing (and her magnetism to dirt):

"Soooo Preeeetty, Liv!"

Even grubby, she's still kissable!

Her uncanny ability to let you know you need to go change an unflattering outfit with just a simple expression.
Love you, Liv.


Valerie C. said...

My favorite picture is the "grubby" sad face! How sweet!

Kylene said...

Happy Birthday! She's a doll. I love the last pic. I seem to get that look a lot too....

Shelley said...

you think that saying it's her b'day now will help keep costs down for Christmas...nice one! Whose idea, yours or Steven's? hahah
The last picture is my fav...almost as good as in person!

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