Monday, March 29, 2010

Been Occupied.

We had a crazy couple of weeks there.

Bradley got baptized March 6th which meant both the 'rents were in town.
Steven and I left for NC for the heck of it.
Checked out the Houston Rodeo for Spring Break.
Had some medical issues.
Running a contest that seems to stress me out without making me lose weight.

I'll get to the fun entries soon. This contest HAS to end....sooner.


Candy H said...

Loved the term 'rents. Never saw that before. Fun to read your blog and see what your up to.

Anonymous said...

Hope you found time to celebrate your very special birthday!! Love, mil

Jones Family said...

You guys seriously need to update your blog more. How are we to know how are favorite family is doing? Hope you had fun on your trip without the kids!

Todd said...

ummm, just email me if you're EVER going to blog again... been waiting a LONG time to be inspired only to find a "been occupied" tease... kinda like... "coming soon"

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