Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Return of Super Saturday

Only Mormons will truly understand this one...

I was recently put in charge of our monthly Relief Society Meetings. We all like to refer to it as the "calling formerly known as Prince" because the name for this meeting has changed about as many times as his has.

Anyway, I was sadly informed that we could no longer hold Super Saturdays (a day devoted to craft-making) - a beloved, yearly tradition among Relief Society members. This cancellation was because as a world-wide church, we were no longer able to hold meetings where money was requested for any sort of good or service.

I figured it was simply because women lacked cash. So I purchased a VISA card machine and began charging women for the crafts we were doing as they exited the building each Sunday. When the bishop pulled me aside to explain that debt and social pressures was what we were trying to avoid, I looked at him knowingly and said,

"Don't worry, Bish. You can use it for collecting tithing, too."

He didn't think that was very funny.


Ashley said...

Our ward just had super saturday last weekend...maybe someone here missed the memo that we weren't supposed to have it. I do like you visa idea! :)

Kristen Duke Photography said...

boooo on the death of super saturday!

Shelley said...

You know these comments aren't going to keep Steven from being called as bishop soon.

Janene said...

You are so hilarious! I really mourn the loss of Super Saturday, especially now that I don't have to worry about any aspect of it.

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