Wednesday, November 12, 2008


When it comes to buying a house,

I feel like I'm marrying someone I've yet to meet.

Don't know if I'll hate his family or want to kill his mother
(I'm not exactly sure I'll like my neighbors),

He might be high maintenance, or worse yet, snore
(I'm committed to a huge monthly mortgage),

I could get out of it, but divorce is always messy
(selling a house in this market will actually cause a divorce)

I'm hopeful, nervous and excited all at once.
Which causes me to throw up - but somehow not lose any weight.


Trent and Cherie Hogan said...

We just got into our house a month ago so I know what you mean. But it's funny, cause the right house is just like falling in love, it finds you, just all of a sudden everything falls into place.

Trent and Cherie Hogan said...

Oh by the way, did you know I found your blog and read it? We hope you guys are doing well, it seems like it! That is great that you are getting to house hunt!

Ashley said...

Good luck! Buying a house is scary, but it is so nice to have your own home! Can't wait to see pictures!

Anonymous said...

Great comparison. One thing about marriage; you can't ever change your husband, you can only change yourself. However, you can change things in the home you buy. Neighbors? That's another question. However, who wouldn't love having you guys for neighbors? :>) We're looking forward to more info on your decisions...... lv mil

Shane, Megan, and Carter said...

So true...hang in there!

Kristen Duke Photography said...

where are you looking for houses? fun but daunting!

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