Friday, November 14, 2008


Olivia's down with a little stomach bug.

I'm trying my hardest not to laugh.

No, I'm not a bad person (not always), but if you've ever had the opportunity to be witness to someone's first time that their stomach betrays them,


it's hilarious.

At 4am, Steven found her in her crib all gooed up. After a quick clean-up and a change of sheets, I cuddled with her on the couch waiting for the next round of it (there's always a next round).

When it came, she looked at me like I had taken her stuffed puppy and lit it on fire. Her eyes questioned, "but why?" and she looked around the room like she was confused and disappointed in humanity.


Oh, and she's really cuddly. Which is even better.

Maybe if I let her cough on my toothbrush,
I can lose the 5 lbs I've gained since the contest.

PS Can anyone name the movie they use the term "vomitrocious"?


Hayley said...

We just got over this fun little flu bug at our house. (It hit all of us.)

I did lose 5 lbs. and I am not complaining about it!

Anonymous said...

Mindy, will you please write a book? You have major talent! This is a great post! So descriptive. I could just see everything happening. Love the cough on your toothbrush!

What a great mom to be able to laugh at something so fun as this. Dear little is she?

Don't know where "Vomitrocious" came from - but it's clever, huh?

Love you guys!

Did you see that Valeri had her baby last Sunday? Talk about a lovebug! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, was it Six Feet Under? I've never seen the movie, but saw the word used to describe something that happened along with a description of Billy Bob's mullet :>) So sorry about Olivia. Wish we could tell her it will get easier through the years; but it doesn't! Give her a kiss from me. That's better than a toothbrush. Love ya mil

Mindy said...

Billy Bob with a mullet IS vomitrocious. But that's not the movie I'm thinking of.

MIL said...

Well, I was close and I love horseshoes, so I'm a winner in my heart. Mainly I'm a winner 'cause you chose to join our family. Lv MIL

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