Friday, January 22, 2010

Get This

I went to the gym today and instead of getting on the treadmill, like I always do, I decide to go to a class called Strike (basically it's kickboxing). All's going just fine until I see the camera guy.

Are you kidding me, people? At the gym?

Now I mean full-on camera guy. He was holding a big 'ol thing like the one above. SO WEIRD!

There's like 3 times in your life when cameras should not be allowed.

1. Birth. That's just gross.
2. After the birth. Still lookin' gross.
and 3. Any sort of aerobics class
where you have to be semi-coordinated,
without make-up or hair,
in your grubbies,
red-splotched and sweaty.

I'm sure there's more, but those are the times when I wouldn't want them there. Now I don't have any idea why he was there. I pray to the good Lord that I won't be in some crappy workout video someday. Maybe the instructor was making a resume booster?

Here's the really bad part, the camera guy looked as if he thought he should be holding paddles and rubbing them together so they'd be primed when one of us collapsed with a coronary.

The good part: my friend going out of her way to find me to let me know Emmy wasn't feeling well at school. I was only in class for like 20 minutes instead of 60. Phew. Thanks again, Stace!


John said...

I have offered the camera guy $1,000.00 for a copy of that tape.

He is supposed to be sending it in the mail.

Shelley said...

I am truly surprised you didn't go over and show him some of your uncoordinated kickboxing moves and get him out of there! haha...He is probably a 10% spy...alright, who sent him!?! haha

Hiro said...

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Happy blogging!

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