Saturday, January 09, 2010

Holy GIANT POT, Batman!

No, not that pot!

You guys all rock! This is [still unofficially] the biggest pot we've ever had. If everyone that has contacted me is actually participating (because I still have yet to receive money from all of you), we stand at almost


I was looking at some old statistics from contests past and I noticed that when couples participate they either both make their goal or neither meet the 10%.

Just sayin'.

If you have a spouse that you think could use it, it could be very beneficial to you both. Otherwise, go find yourself a good friend, that lives close by, that can be your support system. While it's fun to think you might be the only one who makes your goal, MY GOAL is to have everyone earn their money back.

Woo hoo!
Here's to losing some chunk.


Jones said...

I'm going to use my $2200 winnings on a down payment for my van! *SMACK*

I have faith said...

You are going to have to share those winnings with ME!

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