Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Neighborhood Bully

I need some advice.

We have neighbors that have two cats. One stays inside their home (I've never actually seen it), and the other [collar-less one] stays out; stays out to pick up diseases that cause it to have bald spots, eat squirrel food left out by our elderly neighbors, jump into your car if the doors open, but most despicable: to poop in my yard.

I have even found it in my house.... walking out of my BEDROOM!

I hate this cat.

A lot.

Here is my problem: WHAT DO I DO ABOUT IT?

I've already asked someone at animal control. They've said they're low-staffed so they only come out on dangerous/serious animal cases. She told me I could catch it and bring it in myself, but I'd rather not touch the thing. I spent 3 hours cleaning my room after "the incident".  After all, I'm allergic.

Do I go over and explain that I think it's unfair that we all have to deal with getting ringworm (yes, some kid on the street got ringworm last year) from their cat because they don't keep it inside? That I'm growing weary of flinging cat poop over the fence at their house? This conversation would seem like the neighborly thing to do.

The problem with this scenario is that they both work and I'm afraid they aren't going to do anything about the cat then things will get really awkward because

I'm going to have to kill it, 
(because I will) 
and then they'll know who did it.

Block parties just won't be the same after that.

So I ask you: What would you do?

Now, what if I told you it ate one of my little birds?

Here's a question: Would it change your opinion if it were a dog?


Vanderbeeks Images said...

catch the sucker and take it in. They are obviously not taking care of it. Maybe the cat just adopted them. Borrow a live trap or Leave some food out filled with deCon. I'm so not nice when it comes to someone else's animal in my house - I'm so allergic. do you think they'll miss it if it really looks as bad as you say. of course the Christ like thing would be to pray about it. But if it were me, I'd take it in. I don't think anyone should treat a cat the way they are.

The Skiing Wallaces said...

Ooooh, that's a toughie. The question is, do you like your neighbors??? If you guys are friends at all, its probably not worth jeopardizing that friendship. And then there's the awkwardness of being neighbors, even if you aren't friends. It's awful, but I would say to figure out a way to "accidentally" kill it without the neighbors knowing it was you. Problem solved :)
I struggle with this one, because I'm the one with the annoying neighborhood dog that roams free like a tramp- but on the flip side, I know she is annoying, and I really wouldn't be too personally offended if someone "accidentally" took her out, because I just might if she wasn't my own animal.
At our old house, our next door neighbors & good friends had 2 huge hunting dogs that they kept in a pen out back & only cleaned out their poop about twice a year. Our backyard stunk so bad we could hardly stand to be out there. But we never said anything because it was too awkward. Also, growing up our next door neighbors were any elderly couple with a really nice dog that happened to bark all night long every night. My dad used to try to think of ways to get rid of it without the neighbors ever knowing it was him. I think for the most part, other people's pets will find a way to annoy people. I guess its just part of the curse of Adam & Eve's transgression :)
You know, thorns, weeds, and PETS.
Sorry this is the longest comment in human history.
Cousin Mandy

Amy Johnson said...

Nothing beats "accidentally" leaving a bowl of antifreeze out in your yard. Now, before all you animal lovers kick my ass for saying that...In my opinion it sounds like that would be the kindest thing to do to the poor thing! :) Good luck! You could always let your kids go poop in their yard. Mmmm....am I maybe a bad mom??

About Me said...

Mindy, I sympathize with you. There is a stray in our neighborhood as well. Its gross, falling out hair, follows people everywhere, loves the top of my car, sits at my door waiting for my kids to let it in, oh and the best part of all-it sprays everything if you don't keep it inside-ie strollers and car seats! Nothing like cat pee smell. Anywho, I HATE cats because I am allergic too. I threaten my kids about touching it for fear of ringworm, etc. We have a bb-gun and a shot gun and I have seriously considered pulling that thing out once or twice! Good luck! tHats a hard one!

Truman Jensen said...

First option - Squirt Gun

Second option - Soft pellet gun.

Third option - BB or Pellet gun

Fourth option - 22 and shovel

(I have all of the above available if you want to borrow them)

Todd said...

i have a nice sling shot if you're really opposed to using your other neighbor's sixshooter... sling shot is a little more challenging but might as well have some fun in the process

The DeVito's said...

We have a similar problem - not to the same extent- the cat won't come near us, but it is always pooping in our yard, killing the birds. We have a "scare crow sprinkler" that has a sensor that scares it away from the yard. So far no more poop!

Anonymous said...

Ask Steven how I felt about neighborhood cats that used the area under our kitchen window for their litter box? The stench was awful. We used a trap and, unfortunately, caught a opossum rather than the cats. We talked with our neighbor and he tried to help but once cats mark their area, it's pretty difficult to change them. I saw the cat you are talking about when we were there and I agree that he isn't healthy. Use a trap and a good pair of gloves and deliver this pest to animal control. No, my opinion wouldn't change if it was a dog. People need to be responsible for their own pets. He really didn't eat a bird, did he? I'll shoot him myself..........

susannah said...

I think if it were a dog it would be taken more seriously because of the possibility of it biting and inuring someone. Oh, idea!! Give yourself some scratches and pretend the cat did it! There's your quick response from animal control right there!
Seriously, though, go talk to the neighbors. If you explain that you found the bloody cat in your house, and in your room they should take that seriously.
Our neighbors cat loves our yard and would hang out in our garage. Yeah, the nasty thing gave us fleas last year. I could kill that cat too.

Valerie C. said...

When our neighbors had an annoying cat, we shamelessly borrowed an airsoft gun and shot the poor kitty every time he came in our yard...maybe Bradley can get an early Christmas present.

Anonymous said...

Cats hate water. We had a stray that wouldn't leave us alone and we turned the hose on it a couple of times and it stopped coming around.

kseal said...

I had a neighbor who swore by coffee granuals to keep cats off her lawn. She said you just sprinkle them in the grass and, voila! It actually worked. Guess cats have a thing for the word of wisdom or something.

Katie Evans Photography said...

who's to say that cat didn't jump in your car, unknown by you, who happened to be driving to a place far, far away and when you got there the cat jumped out and you just couldn't catch it to bring it back to your neighborhood.
...just sayin'... :)

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