Tuesday, May 11, 2010

North Carolina

Steven and I got away for our 10 year anniversary which doesn't actually happen until October (let's hope we can make it that long, right?).

Let me start by saying it had just snowed the previous week. Everything was still dead and gray from a long winter and all we could say was how beautiful North Carolina was. We could totally live there.

Well, not here of course. This is the Biltmore in Asheville. The largest private home in America. It was finished in 1905 by the Vanderbilt family. It's the same house in the movie Richie Rich. There are 4 acres of house there...they didn't even bother telling us the square footage.

The grounds were just as impressive with a farm, winery, and miles of hiking, rivers and ponds.

We made friends at the farm on located on the grounds.

We did a lot of hiking while we were in North Carolina.
This is one of the many trails we were on.

We were able to stay with Chris and Jenny J* (congrats on the new baby!). My one huge regret from the trip was not taking any pictures when we together!

Thanks to Mama and Papa Mick!
We couldn't have gone if it weren't for you.


Jessi said...

I love Biltmore!! And isn't Burt the horse so cool? Seeing these pictures makes me want to go back.

Audra said...

Biltmore is awesome isn't it! When we were there, Burt was sad because his horse buddy had just died. How was Burt feeling when you were there? :) Happy Anniversary, in October.

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