Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bug Bites

I have 18 mosquito bite on my right calf (that's what you get for watering your flowers at 9pm).

That doesn't count the 5 on my left leg and the three ant bites that are in an unmentionable place from sitting on a towel full of them while in my bathing suit.

I wonder if someone caught my reaction on tape. It would be pretty classic.


Julianne said...

The mosquitoes are driving me nuts this summer.

John said...

Ewee . . . I feel bad for those ants.

Anonymous said...

Time for a relaxing oatmeal bath??? There must be easier ways to sneak away to relax. How about hiring a gardener :-)

Anonymous said...

We'd all love a copy of that tape and bet it would score high marks on YouTube :-)

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